2011 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival


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2011 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria discuss vintage racing in Coronado. Although Adam was looking forward to racing his third year at this event, he had knee surgery the day before he was scheduled to qualify. Legendary racer John Morton stepped in to help warm up the car on Saturday, but Adam was determined to get behind the wheel at least once during the event. Find out what happens to Adam and his BRE Datsun 610 in this week’s CarCast.

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46 Responses to “2011 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival”

  1. ras says:

    Ace – u have to explain the new cohost – you can’t just gloss over that

  2. keith says:

    hopefully Sandy is well, it seems a bit disrespectful to the loyal listeners (supporters) of carcast to not fill us in on why there was a change made in co-hosts.

  3. Nelson says:

    Here’s a link for a story about John Salley and The Car Show –


    Wondering about the professor as well.

  4. fred says:

    maybe sandy heard about ray getting 75 bucks per show???

  5. Doug says:

    Sally wasn’t the problem. Some of the content is extremely lame. Who the hell wants to watch a couple of guys play with slot cars. Also the head to head car tests don’t prove anything since you have 1 guy driving 1 car in the other guy driving the other car. How about switch two guys between the cars. Or, better yet, have 3 guys test 2 cars then make an argument for the best.

    Btw. The tattoo in the luxury automobiles was already done on top gear.

    I like the show and hope the it continues, but would like to see more content.

    • mnoswad1 says:

      Yes!…forget the slot car track………lame. Almost as bad as when Leno tried to do “Star in a reasonable priced car” segment.

  6. sfmark says:

    where’s the prof?

  7. John K says:

    What happened to Sandy? I mean John Salley is pretty blatant why he was axed, but Sandy? I freakin’ loved that guy on the show!

  8. Ben W says:

    Too bad about the 610, even if the roadster is a jewel, this is a really cool obscure car. Great that you’ll be getting it fixed, and getting back out there! Looks like the front fenders were already fiberglass with the way it broke?

  9. Jake says:

    Agreed! What happened to Sandy? Matt’s a good co-host, but not without knowing what happened to Sandy first.

    It would also be helpful to the fans if you could talk about John Salley leaving the car show from your perspective and why the show got shortened. You have a number of fans who feel left in the dark on both shows…

  10. Captain313 says:

    Uh oh, just heard about the crash on the podcast, doesn’t look too bad though!

  11. Zeke says:

    I agree about all the comments about Ganz. Matt is OK but the show is not nearly as good without Ganz. Honesty is your trademark. What’s the deal?

  12. Brian Woodahl says:

    No doubt you and Sandy had some sort of falling out. Maybe both of you were worn out from “burning the candle at both ends” and something or somebody snapped. Time heals these sort of things — you and Gantz, together, had a great podcast. Many of us liked Sandy. Hopefully you two can work things out in the future. (P.S. Life is too short.)

  13. big jim says:

    Just started looking at the pics…man, that’s a jewel of a car! What a paint job! Look at those lines and all.
    …just loading up the 4th pic and…sweet Jesus, no! What happened? No! NO!!!!!!

  14. maybe Sandy got a real job. (one that pays!)

    Great show today. I would have bailed on race after molly’s fiasco.

    but we did get a story out of it.

    Thanks Ace & Matt.


  15. Beau M says:

    Yep, need to hear about Sandy. I thought it was a temporary thing, but the last ‘cast made it seem permanent. Sally I’m not too worried about, he really didn’t contribute much.

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