2011 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival


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2011 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria discuss vintage racing in Coronado. Although Adam was looking forward to racing his third year at this event, he had knee surgery the day before he was scheduled to qualify. Legendary racer John Morton stepped in to help warm up the car on Saturday, but Adam was determined to get behind the wheel at least once during the event. Find out what happens to Adam and his BRE Datsun 610 in this week’s CarCast.

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46 Responses to “2011 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival”

  1. Brian says:

    Adam and Sandy are both guilty of talking a bit too much. Sandy lacked side-kick training. I’d imagine there are a host (no pun intension) of issues as to why they’ve been quiet on this issue (People sue lots). They’ve been friends a long time so I hope it all is not painful. They’re big boys so it’s safe to suggest this too shall pass. I wish Adam, Sandy, John, Matt, CarCast and The Car Show well.

  2. MWM says:

    let me guess…. Adam was being a dick towards Sandy

  3. chris says:

    So sorry about the car. It’s a beaut. I’m surprised to see you have insulation under the hood. Six pounds of unnecessary weight?

  4. khaw says:

    How do you know that the waitress who dropped the saucer doesn’t use a notepad to take orders?

  5. Ford Prefect says:

    It says “God Year” now.

  6. Ford Prefect says:

    Not for my own safety, or the kids of course, but the car of course.

  7. Ford Prefect says:

    This is the one sport where the word “practice” makes no sense. It’s not practice, it’s fun.

  8. Ford Prefect says:

    Are you going to be at Las Vegas, the Indy Race? You should go. It’s not F1, but it’s pretty fucking good.

  9. Aaron says:

    double hose clamps on the radiator hoses! pimp!

    I restored a 610 from the ground up, parts are scarce good luck with her.
    Glad to hear you are OK.

  10. May Kadoodee says:

    Just bought new Michelins for my truck yesterday at Discount Tires and went on and on about the Podcast and Carcast. I think I have personally turned on a couple of listeners, Good Times…

  11. Mijo Chris says:

    ACE and Crew,
    My father owns an old 59-61 Bugeye Sprite which has been in the garage since he broke the headers in the late sixties early seventies. When we pulled out the engine a few years back the sucker was froze up and we’re looking for a replacement engine and trainy to throw in it to get it going again. It had an old 1000cc or close to it engine. Dad wants to drop an old small block chevy but thats way to much power for that size car. Could you suggest something that would be a nice fit to roll around on the weekends and such. With all the talk of the BRE I looked into the engine sizes and possibly a Honda V-Tech. I would like something quick but also something reliable of coarse. Keep up the good work.


    • Nick says:

      I know that guys put MGB engines in those things. I have seen tons of Austin engines up to 1200cc with Datsun 5 speeds. I think that is a great choice. if you want a modern, overhead cam, etc. engine, I would go with the Honda s2000 engine, or maybe a Mazda engine. Keep in mind no matter what, putting a larger and heavier engine is going to make the weight distribution all screwy. In a car that light, 100hp will be really fun. I saw one with a 289 ford in it. It looked fast, but as you can imagine, the chassis was not made for that knid of weight and power.

  12. Dennis Demro says:

    Just listened to the show this morning at work. Had to see the pictures now after hearing about it. Sucks to see it fucked up now.

  13. Jamez64 says:

    Pfftf.. That shit’ll buff out..Get some Duct tape for the body work you’ll be ready for track day next saturday..

    WTF happen to Ganz!!!

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