Monterey Road Trip Pt2 – Racing


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Monterey Road Trip Pt2 – Racing

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Show Summary

Adam, Sandy, Donny wrap up the Monterey trip with racing highlights. Adam narrates the racing action starting with his qualifying mishap onto the actual final race. As a special treat we take a look at Adam’s BRE Datsun Roadster and no mistake we do fire it up.

Show Links

Have a Datsun, or even a Nissan? Check out Les at Classic Datsun

And Bruce Canepa’s shop, Canepa Design


Laguna Seca Race

Adam Carolla’s BRE Datsun Roadster

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24 Responses to “Monterey Road Trip Pt2 – Racing”

  1. jimf says:

    just a note….I have found that the bell GP2 with chin spoiler but no back spoiler works fine in an open sports racing car with no windshield. No buffeting unlike my previous helmet with no chin spoiler

  2. Tim4495 says:

    So what is a yellow flag with black border signaling?

    • CarCast says:


      I don’t think I have ever seen a Yellow with a black border, might have just been something to give more contrast to the flag, but can’t say for sure.


  3. JRH says:

    Here’s a nice hi-res shot of Adam at the race.

  4. Jose Garcia Jr. says:

    Dear Adam, I don’t know if the old saying that says that you don’t want to meet your heroes apply here because I have not and I still would like to meet you, and that saying might not apply to my upcoming comment anyway, but I was surprised and a bit dissaponted when I heard your rant about being scared that you might have pissed off Bruce Canepa <> (who???), he should be literally kissing your ass not the other way around, as of last week I didn’t knew about the monterey historic and I guess that apply to a lot of people outside California, you brought his lil race to the mainstream, I got a lot more to say but I will just leave it at that, maybe I am just pissed that that guy has a chance to hang out with you and your crew and I don’t, anyway keep up the good work and I will get over it, (sooner or later)


  5. Warren says:

    Dear Adam,
    Love the show and love that you restored the BRE Datsum 2000, but why not restore as it was when it WON? While BRE did campaign the 2000 in 1970, they did not win the National Championship in C or D Production. It was only when they sold off that car and moved on to the 240Z that they won, while Bob McQueen bought the castoff car and won the National Championship at the Runoffs at Road Atlanta in both 1971 and 1972. It seems to me the winner deserves having the car restored has it was when it won, rather than it was when it was an also-ran.
    The link provides additional references.

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