Monterey Road Trip Pt2 – Racing


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Monterey Road Trip Pt2 – Racing

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Show Summary

Adam, Sandy, Donny wrap up the Monterey trip with racing highlights. Adam narrates the racing action starting with his qualifying mishap onto the actual final race. As a special treat we take a look at Adam’s BRE Datsun Roadster and no mistake we do fire it up.

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Have a Datsun, or even a Nissan? Check out Les at Classic Datsun

And Bruce Canepa’s shop, Canepa Design


Laguna Seca Race

Adam Carolla’s BRE Datsun Roadster

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24 Responses to “Monterey Road Trip Pt2 – Racing”

  1. Eric says:

    Dude, where’s my calves?

    Congrats on the Rolex Cup!

  2. Charles says:

    Hey Link. 80% throttle max. A water bottle rolled up under it. One of the carb jets was plugged and I think there was some bad gas going around, not to mention a bad bearing or two and no oil pressure round the turns. Who was the older guy helping Les?

  3. Kevin V says:

    Great show and nice racing Aceman

  4. Todd says:

    Good show! I was at Laguna Seca all day Sunday. Adam drove the wheels off his car and I came away impressed. He and the Alfa’s diced it up real nice.

    What confounds me is you spend some time in the CarCast talking about how Link’s roadster has all these modern conveniences and Ace’s is completely old school and how Link is a superb driver (I think you said he even beat Morton), yet Adam pulled on him the entire race. So I’m left to believe the Morton roadster has a serious hp advantage. Listening to it in the clip above seems to confirm – that sucker sounds healthy. Ace is a good driver, for sure, but good enough to beat a guy better than Morton with a presumed better (more modern) car? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.

  5. Ford Prefect says:

    The Japanese have an accidental genius. Look at those rims — totally industrial, but organic like a sepal or bract in a metal bouquet.

    The Baltimore Grand Prix circuit looks exciting; I just watched the qualifying on Versus. I planned to attend, but the parking was sold-out. Now I’m kicking myself.

    Thanks for the show.

  6. mnoswad1 says:

    Thought Adam might like this. Cool set up w/o the body panels.

  7. Jack Duha says:

    Congrats Ace, Sandy and Donny!!!

    You obviously had a great time!!
    Thank you for sharing your fun.


  8. Greg says:

    Fantastic episode! if we had free beer and BBQ it would feel just like we were there…..


    A listener appreciation day would greatly enhance the authenticity of our experience.

    I can bring beer, but only as much as will fit in a Mini.

    Really good beer if Adam drinks one from the cup.


  9. helmetdryer says:

    Shock Doctor Power Dry Helmet Dryer $129

    knowing you have finally arrived=priceless!;)

  10. DanSel says:

    “It’s like Santa Claus in the summer time, it just doesn’t work.” Solid ending to the first video.

  11. Ace: “John Morton said don’t bypass 3rd, you wanna argue with that guy?” The Weez: “no…”
    -thanks guys

  12. Jason says:

    I have a couple of pics of Adam racing. Took them from the BMW CCA corral just before turn 5.

  13. grey510 says:

    Hey Adam,

    Hate to fault ANY of the work done by Les, we all love the guy. The truth is however that by running a pair of 44mm Mikunis the car was actually in C Production form. Getting the SU’s to run perfectly requires a substantial amount of “Needle Work” on the dyno as there is no off the shelf jetting solution to optimize the air/fuel mixtures on SU’s. The solexes usually result in a 15-20 hp increase at the flywheel but they are what was legally run in C Production.

    I know that BRE ran the roadster with Solexes in 1970 SCCA National events as a strategy to garner enough C Production points and receive an invitation to the Runoffs where Mr. Morton won the title in a 240Z.

    As far as the tach is concerned, you should take a look at Stack Tachometers (ST-200 or ST-400) from the UK…..they are serious racing tach’s that look “correct” meaning non-Nascar….

    Again, the car is absolutely beautiful……just change the DP to a CP and it will also be correct.



  14. 71zman says:

    ACEman – Ganz
    Loved the episode although a couple of things
    1) Where is the pic of the now infamous Rolex Cup?
    2) How about a few more episodes on the rest of the Monterrey weekend like what happened at the Quail?, the Itailiano? etc.


    • CarCast says:

      Bret -

      We focused more on the racing this time since that is mainly what we did. Adam and Donny hit the Quail, and Me and Dave hit the Italiano. I do have more pictures to post but not sure if we are going to do more Podcasts on the events. I think we all got too caught up having fun to do the extra work of video and usual fun stuff.


  15. Josh says:

    Adam and team, GREAT race and the video production was excellent as well. Me and my girl are huge Car Show fans as well. We totally forgot about Top Gear US since your show’s premier.

    One note about Laguna: when you come out of the corkscrew and down into the 2nd to last strait, (4:25-4:30 in your video) try and track out all the way to the right side curbing to get the most speed before the turn. Otherwise a great showing for so little practice. Have you guys ever looked into using racing sims like SimBin or iRacing? It’s a cheap way to practice and even pros are using them now.

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