Quirt and Ariel Crawford of Crawford Performance

Quirt and Ariel Crawford of Crawford Performance

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Quirt and Ariel Crawford join Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria on this week’s CarCast. Quirt owns Crawford Performance, a leading Subaru race car builder, that is now getting into building Scions. He’s built Rally cars for Tanner Foust and Ken Block. Quirt was also Crew Chief for Tim Allen when Tim raced for Saleen. Quirt’s daughter, Ariel, is a young, top-performing young Rally racer for Crawford Performance. They give us a tour of Ariel’s Scion TC race car.

For more information on Crawford Performance check them out here at www.CrawfordPerformance.com

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Adam Versa

Crawford Performance Scion

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33 Responses to “Quirt and Ariel Crawford of Crawford Performance”

  1. Aaron K. says:

    Guests were a little shy/quiet which made the episode feel awkward, but what can you do, I suppose.

    Motorator Matt looks like Eric from Entourage.

  2. Brian says:

    Send Donnie over to film a guided tour of Ariel’s intimate apparel drawer.

  3. RLK says:

    Carcast has gone down hill. I used to look forward to listening every week, but no longer. It used to be fun, funny, and all about cars. Look back to your interviews with Titus, Leno, Dax. I am not sure why, but it feels as if the effort is not being put in. Please take this as constructive criticism because I really do like the show. Why did the professor really leave?

    • Ford Prefect says:

      I blame Rupert Murdoch.

      When you accept a job to be the lead on a car show with your name on it, it’s expected you’ll devote your best ideas to it.

      So we’re over-compensating a bit. Wait for the second season, when things relax.

      Ariel was great. Great name for a girl, “Lion of God”.

  4. Ras says:

    I agree that the listeners should be given a more satisfying reason for why Ganz is not on anymore. That “behind the scenes” reason was really bait lame Ace. I think if you can let the listeners feel what is happening behind the scenes a bit more we would stop asking where is the professor.

  5. keith says:

    step aside Matt and meet the new co-host Ariel (this would make the loss of Sandy a little more bearable)

  6. James R. says:

    I could concur with other comment. I listen to podcast via iTunes on iPod with BT earpiece. While shopping Menard’s and listening to this episode, I thought it was the worst-paced show I’ve listened to. Guests were very abrupt and short with initial questions. I suggest not asking yes/no questions. (duh).

    I am also torn with the disappearance of Sandy Ganz, if even briefly, but I fear it’s for good.

    My take is Sandy had a knack for filling in the (obvious) dead-space here. Or there was some sort of hard to quantify his ability to work as a catalyst for a fine listening experience. Again, all my opinion – nothing scientific.

    Best of luck, I’ll keep listening and laughing and such. Hopefully the show will re-GEL into something better than before.

  7. SpaceCowboy says:

    Director Notes on video:
    Don’t hold the microphone in front of the (probably only) attractive race driver to appear on the show.

  8. travis says:

    What is going on. miss the professor. did he have to go get a real job. is this the beginning of the end for the ace network. is joe rogan going to have to start a car show with John Salley?

  9. Ford Prefect says:

    Dan Wheldon was the most talented driver in Indy Car, and the reason I became a fan.

    Condolences to his family.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      I know it’s ridiculous, but could ejection seats prevent such tragedies?

      The1970′s state-of-the-art was you’d survive, upside-down at 50ft and 300 mph. I think we can do better today.

      The computer that controls the “uh-oh, time to eject” will have high latency inputs, and to avoid the fence they would need to accelerate at tremendous speed, perhaps 40G.

      Anyway, stupid idea. Perhaps a better idea is to sync all the cars together, and when one spins-out, they all automatically break, full-force.

      But that has to be *everyone*. If that system fails, perhaps an ever bigger tragedy prevails.

      Here’s an idea: screw NASCAR ovals. Open wheel racers should be on road courses.

  10. Jagstar says:

    Missing Ganz! Please let us in on why he’s gone!!

  11. Mark Bench says:

    SVX made 230hp, and in the mid 90s that was not bad. but was pretty heavy.
    and there were 2 door WRXs in europe, asia and australia from 95-2000

    • mnoswad1 says:

      I was expecting that they would talk about the subaru RS 2.5 coupe…..that wasn’t that basically the 2 door version of the wrx. But nope…..guests were as resistant to answer questions as Adam is about answering were Sandy is.

      SVX was so cool when I was a kid……anything with weird windows and a hood/fender bulge.

  12. Grahaminator says:

    Keep the air in the show and the Sandy at the wheel. Bring Back Ganz!!!

  13. Weskanaloa says:

    Sandy is a good guy and was fine on the show, but he did step over a lot of dialogue; Ace does the same thing, listening with his mouth instead of ears, but more often than not he amuses. The sit down with the WSJ guy on The Car Show is a prime example of both.

    In any event, Ariel is attractive, and not just racing girl attractive.

  14. May Kadoodee says:

    I’d like to take Ariel out for a nice Axleback Micro-Brew

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