Your Car Calls and Questions

Your Car Calls and Questions

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and Motorator Matt D’Andria take your car-related calls and questions.

A BMW E46 owner asks advice on upgrading to an M3. A caller wants suggestions on a fun used car under $10K. And a listener wants to know why the Germans can’t build a high-end luxury car that’s engineered as reliably as a Lexus. These topics and more on this episode of CarCast!

25 Responses to “Your Car Calls and Questions”

  1. darrin says:

    Same show as last week. It got reposted

  2. T.C. says:

    Two short shows and a repeat…. Ganz “behind the scenes”… Is carcast as we knew it a thing of the past? Do not take this wrong, as I am sure there is a lot of effort that goes into the podcast, But the latest product is a little, dare I say (sheesh I hate to say this) weak… just trying to give a little honest input, is all


  3. Jo Ke says:

    matt is good but i love Ganz

  4. James says:

    Enjoyed the show. Matt is indeed ok with me, quite knowledgeable. Although he was a bit tough on a 330ci. It’s actaully quite a solid car my man.

    I always appreciate the maintence advice and you all taking the time to insure there is a new CarCast weekly.

    I would really like to hear an all BMW show sometime. From motercycles to cars to aricraft. From new models, to old. From maintenence to the driving experience. From when the company was founded in 1916 through World War II and what countries currently buy thier cars. Maybe a Hitler reference or two…

    • John K says:

      Hey James,

      I’m actually the guy who posted about the 330Ci and upgrading to the M. I’m really stoked Adam and Matt took the time to answer it! Thanks guys for doing that.

      Ironically, shortly after I posted that question I took a good hard look at all my money I have put into the car and decided maybe an M is not my best choice long term. I’ve put so much money into my 330Ci that honestly an M would be that and THEN some because of the premium on parts. So actually I’ve decided to look at other brands now. To give you an idea, I’m hoping to look at a CTS-V soon (LS6 – 6-speed).

      So Adam / Matt, the answer wasn’t in vain, maybe you guys are helping another Bimmer fan out there. Love the show!

      • Matt says:

        James, sorry if I was tough on the 330 ;) It’s a great car. Adam loves the M3 and I’ve owned a couple so its easy for us to get ahead of ourselves and talk about those cars a lot. I’d love to do an all BMW show if I could find the right guest to make it interesting and fun.

        John, thanks for posting the question. We appreciate all the feedback, comments, phone calls, etc. The CTS-V is one of my favorite cars. Keep in mind the previous gen CTS-V is not nearly as refined as the current gen. Both cool cars, but don’t compare them apples to apples.

  5. Charles says:

    Matt is a good guy. Sandy is a good guy. Makes no difference to me. In addition, Sandy wears many hats particularly pertaining to technical issues. Feel free to chime in but I suspect he is busy doing other things over there at the studio. Also if Adam wants to move the shop over to a different place it will take quite a while just to arrange the transportation of everything. Let us not forget the the ever expansive collection of Mini Bikes. And I must say. It is a collection. Donny is to mini bikes what Leno is to steam cars.

  6. keith says:

    way to brief account of where Sandy is Adam, if he’s still in picture then maybe he could leave a post on the website to let us know what he is working on.

  7. Peter Howard says:

    San Diego crash…just listened to one hour whining, excuses, self doubt, sycophantic co-host.. Come on! Where’s the self confidant Adam?

  8. weskanaloa says:

    I’m one of the typically silent happy people, so I’ll start with stating that I like the call-in shows, but I am admittedly more of a car novice than enthusiast … Of course, such platitudes alone aren’t enough to compel one to post on a message board, so here’s my complaint, which I’ll try to deliver with as white a glove as I can summon: I appreciate the passion some of you have regarding the show, but it comes off horribly. That’s not the white glove part, this is – I tried putting myself in your shoes, and i think I understand where the passion/entitlement line is getting crossed. Perhaps what’s at play is that we all feel like “shareholders” in this endeavor, because if you’re taking the time to provide such constructive criticism, you must have some skin in the game, via the Amazon link, the book (I went the audio route myself), etc.

    All I’m asking, shareholders, is for a little patience and perspective before reactions. Look how well that approach is working for Obama.

    Best Retards,


  9. mnoswad1 says:

    I think Matt is fine, I also think he might be able to bring in more industry guests, and insiders a bit more easily because of his website. BUt hope to see/hear Ganz soon though.

    I agree that the “Ganz behind the scenes” line is more than evasive…..Adam, just spit it out, what’s the big deal already?

    Adams lack of forthright reminds me of the story he told of his own frustrations about his mother not answering the question Adam asked about how much his step dad made a year.

    Just sayin, but still.

  10. Aaron K. says:

    Matt is pretty good, but I liked Sandy. I will listen either way. Sandy: Feel free to make frequent reappearances!

  11. Adam says:

    Ive always been a fan of Datsun for the 300, 350, and especially that rad ’77 280, but everytime I find one its just destroyed, or beyond repair. Being 30 I’ve never had the chance to drive them, or for that matter even my 70 Mach I, in a state of full power, clean driving off the lot kind of feel sadly. When you find your older Datsuns, how much love (time,money) do you look at spending to get them back into that kind of shape where it feels more like a time machine to another age rather than driving a 30 yr old clunky box of rust?

    Also, I like the fairlady’s, wether its new or old, but what is it about Datsun thats held your attention through all these years, and why such an immense collection of them? I like them for their design, and the feel when you sit in that drivers seat, but what am I missing that obviously grabbed you about these cars?

    Thanks a ton! You keep me entertained more than you know, as a graphic designer I get bored staring at a screen or sketchpad all day, and its nice to be able to escape and learn something about this crazy world while Im paying the bills.

  12. Dave T says:

    Bad advice to suggest disconnecting the battery while the car is running to test the alternator. Yea, it worked for us back in the day, but on modern cars you run the risk of killing your alternator and/or voltage regulator with that testing method. Simply check the alternator output instead.

  13. Ford Prefect says:

    Music: good notes are like children wrestling in a beautiful, clumsy tussle.

    Machinery: death.

    Your mileage may vary.

  14. Alex says:

    Still love the show guys, Matt is a great co-host but please say Sandy is coming back at some point, hell get all 3 of you doing it, but the dynamic with Sandy is just too great to loose.

  15. Ford Prefect says:

    That Prius commercial with all the people amalgamated into a face is not doing them any good, at all.

    It’s clever, but it’s disturbing — people as eye-brows, lips, etc. I drink whiskey straight, so imagine what the wholesome do-gooders think about that scary freak show.

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