Conrad Grunewald’s 2010 Camaro SS Drifter

Conrad Grunewald’s 2010 Camaro SS Drifter

Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria sit down with professional drifter Conrad Grunewald.

Grunewald started drag racing in 1995, then switched to road racing in 2000, competing in Grand-Am. In 2009, he formed Conrad Grunewald Racing and built a 2010 Camaro SS drifter car. He brings the car to the shop and fires it up, throwing some of the loudest, heaviest revs we’ve heard.

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Conrad Grunewald’s 2010 Camaro SS Drifter

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  1. Ford Prefect says:

    “Conrad Grunewald’ is a great name. “This is Hans Gruber, there is a bomb in the building.” (The Nakitomi Building.)

    How about Drift NASCAR? It’s almost at that point, except the style points are negative, I.E.penalties, instead of reward.

    Also, the fine line of NFL tackling rules borders on “style points”, and no one is arguing that (no one outside Pittsburgh). America seems ready for “style points’. We must be civilized now, like Europe, which sucks.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      Sucks a lot. And we seem ready to accept mediocre products and service and a class structure. That sucks.

    • May Kadoodee says:

      I’m still loving and laughing at my new gay porn name “Vaughn Gitten Jr.” Try watching this guy drifting on Fuel TV and when the announcer keeps saying Vaughn Gitten over and over I dare you to keep a straight face. I thought it was a pseudonym but apparently there’s a “Vaughn Gitten Sr.” Really!

      • May Kadoodee says:

        I went back and listened to the Vaughn Gitten Car Cast and he was a nice well spoken young man, not at all like I imagined… Good Times!

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