Prelude To Laguna Seca

Prelude To Laguna Seca

Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria talk about an upcoming road trip to Laguna Seca, where Adam will be racing his recently-acquired vintage “Fitzy” Datsun. The IMSA car was originally fielded by the late Jimmy Fitzgerald, a legendary racer of Bob Sharp-built Datsuns and Nissans.

We round out the show by taking your car-related questions via facebook, twitter and even over the telephone.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
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10 Responses to “Prelude To Laguna Seca”

  1. danny noonan says:

    wheres all the pictures I was supposed to see?

  2. Lou Loomis says:

    When is Audi going to be the Big sponsor of Carcast? The praise you sprinkle on them is amazing and also
    worth something (Rev Share). 2012 R8 for doing jackass shit; IE: doing donuts, a four wheel bleach burn out, or Matt blowing it up on a dyno pull. Rich white guy toys getting fucked up is always funny.

  3. Hugh Gasol says:

    You round eye, you do’nt need pictures.

  4. nick says:

    25k. No brainer. Now, but an MX-5. You can get a nice one for 25k. Or, wait a while and get the BRZ/FR-S. Hyndai is coming out with an updated Genesis Coupe that will be faster, don’t buy one of those now. All of those cars are very similar performance wise.

  5. For trouble a free BMW get a $2000 e28 or e30. No plastic, no vanos rattle, no horsepower, no problem. My e30 has 1/4 million miles on her broken tach. Good times.

  6. Ed says:

    The Quattro is the Audi from the 80’s and last year they made a prototype (driveable) with the I5 from the TT-RS and some form of the A5 (B8) Chassis.

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