Laguna Seca Winter Speed Days Recap

Laguna Seca Winter Speed Days Recap

Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria do a play-by-play recap of the Winter Speed Days track day at Laguna in January 2012.

Adam ran his recently-acquired Fitzy Datsun 280. They also talk about the eyeful of high-dollar race cars (and rigs) at the event. We also hear about Matt getting black-flagged for his re-creation of the famous “Zanardi pass” while driving Adam’s Lexus IS F on the track.

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Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

Adam Carolla at Laguna Seca Winter Speed Days 2012

Motorator Matt’s “Zanardi Pass” Triubute in Adam’s Lexus IS F

21 Responses to “Laguna Seca Winter Speed Days Recap”

  1. MikXT says:

    This episode is so much better than History Channels Top Gear, they missed the boat with you. All these awesome cars, I gotta find a way to be Rich guy. Jay Leno doesn’t like race cars? WTF! The pictures are great and the video commentary is great! If television wasn’t so fucked up, you should have a rich guy car show; ie: vintage racing, car collections, the goodwood, and crazy money partying (top shelf wine & booze). Maybe throw in a couple Low-rider chic’s wiping down the roadster for the last 10 seconds. Carcast rocks! Sorry blows, get summit racing in the future. I’ll click through to amazon still, check out the torque adaptor;

    rock on!

  2. 831Doug says:

    Great footage. The Fitzy car looks great and sounded strong. Get in and attack those apexes man!

  3. Hugh Gasol says:

    At 13:35 there is an item on the road with a shadow. Just as the cobra was passing ace.

  4. mnoswad1 says:

    great production and editing on the tire gauge video. Perfect voice over to video timing.

  5. mnoswad1 says:

    on another note…….Ive been having a real hard time watching youtube videos on other sites like Jalopnik and autoblog……….BUT whatever you guys are doing……please keep doing it, Youtube videos are working great on this site, please dont change anything. Thanks.

  6. Burt says:

    Well done, ACENET. Great viddy.

  7. Richard Elsliger says:

    Hi Adam,

    Your commentary is always very analytical. highly cerebral and pretty damned funny! Keep it going! You alwqys keep me entertained!

    Richard E.

  8. Faze says:

    One of the coolest collection of cars Ive ever seen….great pics

  9. Senna says:

    It wasn’t a rock in your timing gear, but likely a piece of a busted up tire gauge.

  10. I really appreciate today’s show.

    like how you mix it up with the commentary on race days and interviews on previous podcasts etc.



  11. Jimbo says:

    Nice work!

    Does the steering wheel have a quick-release? I always try to remember to park the car after a session or on the starting grid with the wheels straight so the steering wheel isn’t crooked when you head out on track.

    You don’t want to pull off and reset the steering wheel while you’re out there. That’d be as bad as getting out of your car while on track.

  12. Charlie says:

    The Datsun looks fantastic. BTW, what’s that number 47 car? That is one smooth mother.

  13. Robert 'Bob' Ayub says:

    Adam, Matt and The Ace Gang behind some really fantastic footage. I can’t tell you all how much I’ve enjoyed watching these videos and photos of some fantastic vintage automobiles (race cars ).

    I’ve spent many weekends at the historic races appreciating the art and design of these cars as well as the atmosphere of this event.

    Unfortunately, I now live abroad in Brazil so I have been able to attend in some years, but thanks to you guys, ACE Broadcasting and supporters I can appreciate vicariously through your broadcasts.

    Thanks a million to everyone involved.

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