Christopher Titus and His Challenger SRT8

Christopher Titus and His Challenger SRT8

Comedian Christopher Titus talks about wrecking his Viper at Willow Springs, his custom Foose ’56 Chevy, his new race-inspired clothing line and his new 2012 Challenger SRT8.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

Christopher Titus and His Challenger SRT8

14 Responses to “Christopher Titus and His Challenger SRT8”

  1. 1969jaime says:

    Great podcast. Titus is wound up pretty tightly…but a great guest.

    Matt, pretty quick on the car specs…although you all were off on the new Mustang Shelby. Carroll is building a Shelby 1000. It is on the front of Road & Track this month.

    Good luck in the LBC Grand Prix. It would be a real “shame” if you were to put Adrien Brody into the wall this year.

  2. dustinleavitt says:

    I love hearing the abiogenic oil theory. I can’t believe people can cook up, and support such a hair brained theory. Oil is biogenic in origin, we are able to directly compare oil to its kerogen source. Oil contains the remains of the DNA of the algae that created it. Yes there is some abiogenic oil… and yes if you drill deep enough you will find miniscule amounts of it, but nothing anywhere near commerically viable.

  3. dustinleavitt says:

    The quip about putting previously abandoned wells back online in bakersfield…. As a petroleum geologist in bakersfield I can tell you that this is not the case…. yes there is some degree of recharge around the well bore, but these capped wells quickly deplete back to the state they were in which they were depleted. The reason we turn them back online is strictly economic, if a well becomes unprofitable, and years later oil prices go up, the well becomes profitable so we switch it back on.

  4. roy says:

    lenos denim obsession is starting to rub off on adam

  5. May Kadoodee says:

    Sort of a Javelin colors inspired paint job

  6. josh says:

    I cant say I dig most of Titus’ rides, but damn he did a fine job On this challenger, very cool. Well done good sir!

  7. dustinleavitt says:

    I grew up in Bakersfield……. enough said

  8. hilslamer says:

    So, great discussion of hte SRT product line, in my humble opinion. A very understated and lesser-known version of what Mopar used to be. I have no idea who is running that show but to be doing what they are doing and still getting cars through CA emissions and the like is like being a double leg amputee and running a marathon…

    Adam- 3/16″ carborundum drill bit? carborundum is silicon dioxide >> abrasives, not drill bits. Perhaps you meant carbide? They don’t generally sell those at the hardware store…

    And with respect to the abiotic oil theory, that is old and long since proven dead…despite the .com, this site posts real articles verbatim and these ones doa good job of summing up the “research” into abiotic oil sources that stopped because it, well, doesn’t exist so far:


    Always love CarCast, and will always love cars, but oil is definiteley on it’s way out as a fuel…

  9. Takeda says:

    I don’t like the striped patch on the front fenders. It’s a sore thumb. I would remove them, move the 392 plaque to the hood so that it reads 392 HEMI, and use the blue as a pinstripe separator between the red Starskey & Hutch stripe and the black.

  10. PJ says:

    Not sure I’ve ever laughed as hard at Adam’s podcast as when he said, “Get the midget out of the sauna!!” lol, great stuff.

  11. painkiller1961 says:

    Titus you are great! You don’t let Hollywood chew you up, you are a patriot maverick that should run against those pinheads,
    I would vote for you!

  12. Ian says:

    Love how Titus is insulting Matt’s masculinity…when he shows up in a matching car/jacket set. How is *that* masculine?

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