BBI Autosport’s Betim Berisha


BBI Autosport’s Betim Berisha

Betim Berisha’s BBI Autosport does engine building, exhausts, roll cages and custom tuning for Porsches. Berisha talks with Matt and Adam about tuning Porsches and how much horsepower is too much horsepower. And we check out the 2011 Porsche Turbo S 911 that Betim brung us.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

Adam Tries to Get Les To Use Synthetic Oil

10 Responses to “BBI Autosport’s Betim Berisha”

  1. Jack Duha says:

    Great episode, especially the “Great Oil Debate” bonus video. it was very educational.

    Also, love the GT40 painting on the wall in the shop/studio!


  2. Aaron K. says:

    GREAT episode!

    LOVE the extra video content!


  3. Rick Z says:

    FYI The zinc was removed to protect the oxygen sensors in the new cars. When Mobile One first came out in the late 70’s, I put it in my brand new Trans Am, first oil change. It leaked out the valve cover and oil pan gaskets like a sieve. Use it in the new cars!

  4. chrisfromaz says:

    After watching that I think a episode should be dedicated to Les!

  5. Mark bench says:

    Good show! there as quick mention of blackstone labs, they do great work with oil testing! They have caught problems for us at our shop before they manifested into major issues.

  6. Keith says:

    Damn, Les is a strong personality. Maybe he should be on the show every now and then. Even if he is full of shit it would be entertaining.

  7. Betim is a good guest. love how he knows his stuff for a young(ish) dude and how his focus is about the race craft.


  8. Rex Montana says:

    That Porsche lays its hood out like a porn star in an interview. Boing! It’s that conspicuous.

    Not my kind of car. It pretends to be a “thinking man’s” car, but it’s really a shower flower.

  9. Rex Montana says:

    Porsche needs to re-invent itself. Sales will drop, otherwise. The engineering is excellent, but we don’t want to drive douche-mobiles.

  10. K-Man Pilkers says:

    Adam’s talked a lot about how he likes the Mini Cooper, but I haven’t heard him talk much about the GTI, which from my perspective is a better vehicle. I’m a bit biased because I own one, but it’s a hell of a car that beats out the Cooper S in most of the comparisons I’ve seen. Has he ever mentioned this in an episode I’ve missed? I’m a bit fan of the Adam Carolla show but am a new listener to Carcast.

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