Why Adam Doesn’t Drive His Miuras

Why Adam Doesn’t Drive His Miuras

Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria take your calls and questions on a variety of car-related topics, such as the ups and downs of owning an M5, simple upgrades for SCCA racing, sticking with your 12 year old Ford Ranger and why Adam doesn’t drive either one of his Miuras.

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  1. roy says:

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo! my question made the title!!!!!!!!!!! but i was more interested in the drive network part of my question

  2. Cantcatchm3 says:


    Since you want a paddle shift car for traffic/coffee the 2011 BMW 135 has a 7 sp dual clutch, pre-2011 135 get regular automatic.

    Plus your own a reflash of the computer to get 350-375hp.

  3. Benjamin Tsu says:

    Hey Adam, I work as a service advisor in a BMW dealer, and would like to clarify the 1-series confusion. The earlier 135i had a twin turbocharged inline six producing 300hp, and was plagued with numerous fuel and turbo issues. Later models moved to a single twinscroll turbocharged inline six, producing the same power but with fewer reliability issues, and a more linear torque curve. Also, the 1M, dispite being similarly powered, is dramatically different from the 135i in that it utilizes the suspension, 2-piece brakes, and electric locking differential directly from the m3. This combination of lightweight construction, nimble footprint, and m3 components makes for an extremely enjoyable ride for an enthusiast driver. If price is no conern, grab a 1M. It’s a limited production car, and future classic ala e30 m3. From a budget conscious pov, the later 135i is the way to go, and well worth the price gap over the earlier model. The next generation 1-series is already in production in Europe, so if you’re willing to wait, the prices for the current 135s are going to hit the floor once the new model hits the street. Get it on!

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the info, Benjamin. Good stuff to know.

    • Chris w says:

      Also, just to clarify, from my understanding up to 2010 the n54 engine was used in the 135i, the same engine used in the 1m and 335is. The 2010+ 135i models use the n55 engine.

      It’s curious to me that BMW still uses an N54 variant in the 1m. It would suggest to me that on some level BMW thinks more highly of the n54 despite the reliability issues. To say that the n55 is superior to the n54 would be misleading. Unless you would agree with the statement that the 2010+ 135i has a superior engine to the 1m.

      Not sure I agree with the statement that the later model 135i is necessarily the more desirable model.

      Get ready for fuel pump issues. Ask me how I know, I own a 2008 135.

      The n54 ihas a solid aftermarket and tuning potential, if you’re into that;)

    • Ken says:

      Adam questioned BMW reliability after 60K miles and I believe he is correct. Benjamin proves the point of the BMW complexity and the reason people drop them after 60,000 miles.
      That being said. They are the ultimate driving machine. Sadly though shade tree mechanics are unable to wrench on these modern machines so they do not interest me as much.
      I just picked up a survivor 1982 Datsun 280ZX non turbo 5 spd manual – Single owner – but not garaged – so interior beat up.
      I am going to have fun cleaning it up. Love the large engine bay. Hopefully I can get my high schooler into fixing it up with the family.
      Picked up two out dated service manuals on Amazon and went through Adam’s website.
      Anyway – Love the carcast – keep up the good work!!!

  4. Nick says:

    Aren’t all the 1Ms selling for way higher than MSRP due to the low production numbers? Right now there’s one on eBay with 23 hours left at $59,300 reserve not met. It seems Adam would enjoy the non M version much better without having to pay the extremely high mark up for the M.


  5. Chris says:

    Good luck finding a 1M they only sold 740 cars in the usa and they all sold out with a waiting list. The 1M is a 1 year run and I have been watching them on the used car market going for $57000 to $80000. You should look at the 135i but get the sport pack a must and a manual. I think the 135i is a sweet looking car and it is fast just as fast as a e46 M3 and it gets 30mpg.

  6. mitchw says:

    Miuras, Datsuns, ISF, the wife in the A7, and you’re seriously talking about a BMW 1? It’s an abortion, Ace. Look at a used Cooper S that’s had its diminutive inferno chip fixed under the recall. Take the automatic and hope no one notices. (hint, no one cares)

  7. Alex says:

    All this talk of Fiat Abarth, Mini Coppers and 1 series BMW from a guy with a lambo collection? Get the smallest footprint Porsche turbo and get it on!

  8. heeltoemaster says:

    Also starting with 2011 and up, the automatic transmission changed to the DCT (dual clutch). Same tranny in the M3.

    N54 powered 135i – twin turbos (2008-2010)

    N55 powered 135i – single twin-scroll turbo (2011-2012)

    1M is N54 powered. (1M is limited and not worth the money people are charging, you can no longer order from a dealer.)

  9. Jason says:

    I work just down the street from the studio, over @ Warner in Burbank. My daily driver is a 2010 135i (my 2nd). If Adam wants to take it for a spin and hear some info from an owner of a 135i for 4 years, please feel free to contact me.

  10. Nick says:

    The 1 series is really great to drive and the styling is subjective. Besides, Ace likes off putting style. The Porsche Cayman should be on the short list, as should the Z4 based M coupe, M3, S2000(especially the CR or Club Racer version), maybe the new Subaru BRZ, WRX, and last but not least Audi TT-S and TT-RS

  11. DAVIDPD says:

    May I humbly suggest the Audi RS3? You can get the DCT version, so, easy city driving (or bumper-to-bumper traffic), and still have fun with a high performance engine, as well as the smaller form factor. Since its a “hot hatch” there is plenty of room for the kids stuff and groceries. Its also faster than the BMW 1M, so there’s that… [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UGdz35sTy8&feature=player_embedded#!]

  12. RocketJohn says:

    Adam, trade your E46 M3 in and get a Nissan GTR. You’ll have the back seat when you need it for your twins and they all come with the DCT tranny that will be convenient for that LA traffic… and it bookends nicely with your Datsun Roadsters…

  13. StevexjetE46M3 says:

    Had a track day this past Sunday in my E46 M3. Running in the medium group that included many of the cars that had been mentioned on the last show. These included a 135i with a flash job, DCT trans, Proxy track tires, suspension and camber plates. Also there was a spec Mini Copper Works along with E90 and E92 M3’s. The car that I, and my questionable driving ability, had the hardest time running with was the 135i. Good driver but also a nice compromise between cost and performance. The double clutch gave they guy a chance to get into 2nd on a hairpin that I struggle with and I would guess saves him a good second on a 1:25 track.

    Yes the thing is a little ugly but the upside of a useable car for transporting 6 year olds and and the DCT would be really useful in traffic. Then again what do I know, my daily driver is a Honda Element like Dr. Bruce.

  14. Sean says:

    Hey guys, I sent the tweet @SeanAFowler about the 1Series M Coupe! It was really cool to hear it come up on the show, hell even better, it was my birthday! I have been a big Bimmer guy since I was 14, grew up all around cars, learned how to drive, quickly might I add, in my fathers 71 Ferrari 365 GTC4. I race a 73 BMW 2002 here in Florida, hope we’ll see your Datsuns down in Sebring soon!

    We’ll be at the show in Orlando in August!!


  15. james says:

    please consider the new ford focus st 247 hp, low running cost with ford reliability. i recall you looking at one at the auto show.

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