Aaron Robinson of Car And Driver Magazine


Aaron Robinson of Car And Driver Magazine

Car and Driver magazine’s tech editor, Aaron Robinson joins Adam and Matt to talk about Fiat 500 Abarths, the future of electric cars and the future of the future. This week’s car of the week is a Subaru BRZ.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

Aaron Robinson & The Subaru BRZ

24 Responses to “Aaron Robinson of Car And Driver Magazine”

  1. JK says:

    Great pod! Would love to see your new F350!

    What about doing some more videos about your own car collection (Jay Leno’s Garage style)?

  2. Tyler Paulson says:

    Robinson is misleading the public on alternative energy vehicles.

    Tesla Website:
    Model S Performance Model
    300 Mile Range
    Optioned Out for less than $100,000

    are we gonna get a Tesla for 300 miles on a charge?
    Robinson: “You’re looking at $120-$130 grand ”

    I compliment Carolla in that he is open to new technologies.

    Robinson is misinformed.

    • Tyler Paulson says:

      Tesla Website:
      Model S STANDARD Model
      300 Mile Range
      Optioned Out for less than $83,000 BEFORE $7,500 Fed Tax Credit

      Tesla Website:
      Model S Performance Model
      300 Mile Range
      Optioned Out for less than $100,000 BEFORE $7,500 Fed Tax Credit

    • Tyler Paulson says:

      Robinson (Car and Driver), in less than 5 years, will be extinct, he just doesn’t know it yet.

  3. Joe says:

    The 160 Mile Range Model S is $49,900, 230 Miles is $59,900 & 300 miles is $69,900.

    • Tyler Paulson says:

      I believe Robinson (Car and Driver) does know about the Model S —- he’s just drunk on oil. You can sense the fear in his voice as he rambles on about the styling of the Volt and Model S.

      I love that Adam Carolla is open to anything and everything.

      Carolla is one of the few people — in the public eye — that you can trust will evaluate an idea, a person, or a place, on its merits.

  4. PeterD says:

    For city Peashooters, has Adam looked at the little Volvo C30? I’d like to hear what he thinks of those.

  5. mnoswad1 says:

    We absolutely need to see Adam do an in-car test on video of the Abarth 500.

    He talked about it a lot. First hating it….now he seems to be into it. Its cool to see how someone can grow in their opinion of something.

    • mnoswad1 says:

      You guys prob already heard, but the 2012 Abarth 500 is sold out. 3000 units. Of course Matt could still get his hands on a press car for Adam to test.

      What about a mini vs. 500 side by side test.

  6. Rick Z says:

    Diesel used to be less expensive because it was less refined than gasoline. Then the government made the refineries reduce the sulfur in diesel from 5000 ppm to 500 ppm, which is why the trucks and buses don’t stink as much as they used to. That caused the price to go up accordingly. Now there is talk about reducing the sulfur content to 10ppm. Bend over diesel owners !!

    • Rich J says:

      Heck, here in Manhattan Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (15PPM) is mandated, even for off-road equipment (construction machines).

  7. Aaron K. says:

    This guy has bad taste, in my opinion. The Tesla Model S is a BEAUTIFUL looking car… and he was way off on the prices. I hope the Tesla Model S does amazingly. I would buy one if I had the money.

  8. Crocket says:

    Great car cast Adam and Matt. I love the BRZ. The Car and Driver guy was unfortunately not well informed. I am surprised he didn’t just say, “I don’t Know” when speaking of the Fisker and the Tesla. Fisker was hired and did the initial design on the Tesla S, and was involved in a high profile law suit after releasing the Karma plans; Tesla felt it was unfair competition and that he used Tesla concepts. Plus, the Fisker is selling really well, they sold 1,000 in the first quarter this year. I don’t think that saying Fisker is not qualified to build cars because he is not an engineer is very unfair, he sat on the board and designed for Aston Martin, BMW etc. The guy is more than qualified, the Karma proves it.

    *Adam, you should have Teemu Selanne, the hockey player on your show, he has a crazy car collection, lives in socal and he is a super cool guy. I think you talked to him about sports a long time ago.

  9. Norm Walker says:

    Hey when are we going to get pictures of the new F350?? I would love to hear about Adam going truck shopping. I bet that was the first real truck he has ever owned.

  10. Lane says:

    Unrelated to this episode, but you should try to set up an Evening with Dennis Praeger style event with Adam and Jeremy Clarkson. I would definitely pay to listen to Ace and Jesser talk about cars for an hour and a half. Clarkson comes to the US quite a bit, or it could be an excuse for Adam to go back to Goodwood.

  11. Ryan II says:

    The trim piece between the door panel and window on the exterior of THE VOLT makes me wonder if they stamped the doors too small and had to add it to hide the glass. Why wouldn’t you include a retractable cord reel with 12 gauge wire in it?

  12. Ken says:

    Guys- if the Steel and Paper industries can run complicated coordinated process lines with DC motors.- an established car company can design and build an affordable electric vehicle that travels 100 miles / charge.

    They need to R&D battery storage technology to reduce the weight.

    The electric motor drive technology already beats the Internal combustion technology for instant torque.

    Steam technology was replaced by electrification of the US – the same needs to happen with the transportation industry.

    Corporations have stifled electric transportation – Remember the red trolley lines in Southern California – Remember the GM EV1 vehicle that was eliminated because it would have eroded GM’s core business.

    No conspiracy theory – just plain economics for the people with the power and the tooling. It is not in the automobile industries economic interest to pursue electric vehicles.

  13. ANTONIO ORTIZ says:

    You were speaking about having to plug in the Volt every night; however, because of the gas engine, this is not necessary. If you forget to plug in the car, you do not have the anxiety of not being able to get to work in the morning. It’s a good stop-gap until the battery technology becomes good enough and cheap enough to provide the range needed. I still feel a gas engine backup serves as “training wheels” which will allow poeple, who otherwise would shy away from battery powered cars, to dip their toe in the water and give the technology a chance.

  14. RocketJohn says:

    The market seems too small for a BRZ and an FRS, but I applaud the decision to bring this to market. I am kind of shocked there aren’t plans to bring a 300hp turbo version of at least the BRZ (weird name), probably not the FRS (Should have been the GT86 like everywhere else). I almost want to get one to show demand for this so more will come in the future. I did the same thing for the 2002 WRX and now they are commonplace and for good reason, esp here in Colorado.

    Car Cast is great, keep up the great work!

  15. Ron Vashon says:

    You guys overlooked the Hyundai Genesis coupe. 2.0 turbo 4 274 HP and a 348 HP V6 available. 6 speed manual or 8 speed paddle. rear wheel drive. Would no doubt run rings around this thing.

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