Nissan GT-R & Your Questions


Nissan GT-R & Your Questions

Adam can’t complain about the 1964 Triumph TR4A? Oh, really? Thoughts on the new Dodge Dart, BRZs, WRX STIs and why Adam doesn’t own a GT-R. And Adam hacks up almond bits on air and we leave it in the show. And speaking of GT-Rs, Matt gets his foot into one while Adam is out of town.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
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23 Responses to “Nissan GT-R & Your Questions”

  1. Ken says:

    I think why Adam is not going to stable a GTR is that it is not a collector car.

    Adam is buying cars as investments as evidenced by him not tagging, insuring, or driving his collection.

    Good podcast. Keep up the good work.

    • Hugh Gasol says:

      Why would you think the Miuri is not insured.

      • Ken says:

        I mean’t it is not insured to go drive on the freeway as a daily driver or even weekend romper.
        Someone mentioned the no tags.

        Adam has mentioned that he is buying for investment such as guys who collect art not to look at, but to sell at a later time.

        Not a bad comment against anyone. Just reality.

        Thanks asking.

  2. Ken says:


    Why is the AC Cobra not a chick car? Wide stance with extended fenders and a great exhaust with a little bit of danger.

    Why is the Miata a chick car? slim stance with curves that are non-existent with small tires and built like a commuter car.

    Styling is what changes a great car into a chick car that nobody will open the hood .

    I heard about an urban myth that a car company was designing a car that has no hood latch – since women never open the hood. This would be the ultimate chick car.

    • Roger says:

      I should add that the ride is certainly acceptable in the comfort setting. It won’t shake your fillings out by any means.

    • Chris says:

      I had a 2002 Miata that was modified to street race on Mulholland. You know how funny it is when you put a couple minutes on a Ford GT or a heavily modified BMW in the mountains and they pull up next to you at the light? I remember one time a guy pulling up with his girlfriend after I seriously embarrassed him and his girlfriend rolled down her window and said “cute car.”

      He got so mad he revved up to about 4-5k dumped the clutch and sped off. Girls used to love my car and the fact I was fast in a teal Miata just made it that much better when I out paced a guy in the mountains.

  3. Chris says:

    I like how my old boss took the time to write Adam Carolla just to take a cheap shot at me for driving a Miata which I used to race on Mulholland / Decker Canyon at 100 mph. Hi Tom!

  4. Johnny says:

    Hey Chris, Knew a Nissan Executive who let me take out the 2010 or 2009 gtR. Was a blast! And actually the interior looks a little cheaper than the older model for 80K. The screen with multi-display was in 3 separate faux digital gauges. Which made it look really sweet! Nissan told me they were taking off the Launch mode because it was playing havoc with the transmission. But I guess they worked it out. Great review… Dig the show, Love to see the Juke they put a GTR engine in… Power to weight ratio in that puppy must be insane…
    All the best!
    Johnny Vegas Aguirre

  5. Roger says:

    I feel I should comment on the noises coming from the drivetrain/transaxle of the GT-R, as I have never read the reasons for the noises over the last 4 years. I took delivery of a ’13 GT-R last February, and the factory trained GT-R technician went over the car with me the day before it was delivered. He explained that the gears in the transaxle were straight-cut vs. helical cut (like a synchromesh system) for durability. It made sense to me. It is a car that seems a tiny bit rough around town but seems to smooth out the faster you go. Adam is correct, though, as you wouldn’t need it in a heavilly populated area; I live in the middle of no-where Alberta, and anyone with $100 G’s to waste on a car should be driving one of these masterpieces of engineering.

  6. Peter says:

    Beautiful car.The main draw for me has always been Adam.Pretty much period.If he’s not doing these shorts on a regular basis anymore it would be nice to know.

    • Matt says:

      No worries, Peter. Adam had a busy schedule with Celebrity Apprentice and his new book coming out. He’s joining us for some upcoming videos.

      • peter says:

        Thank you.Insert Adams smiling face pointing to an automotive the guy.A new whats the title ? And
        pray tell when and what network is his segment on Celebrity Apprentice on ?(grin)
        Dont mind me.I’m one of thoses guys who owns an old Porsche and only gets to drive it once a week.The bills..the bills…ltr.

  7. 831Doug says:

    Enjoyed the review of the Nissan GTR! In terms of price vs. performance, that car can’t be touched.

    Interesting that Dodge used an Alfa Romeo as the basis for their Dodge Dart.

    Matt – Please be sure to send Peter a personal message if Adam is unavailable for a CarCast video segment. ;-)

  8. Joe says:


    You commented about the FA20 engine, that is currently being used in the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S, as being weak and probably not capable to get to 300hp unless it’s heavily built. The JDM variant of this engine produces 296 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque in the JDM Subaru Legacy. Supposedly this engine will be used in the next WRX and might even use an electric turbo. Pretty sweet because if they produce a turbo FA20 there is a possibility of a turbo BRZ and FR-S…which would be insane to put it lightly.

  9. What The What says:

    Not that teal is a good looking color, but Falken tire race teams have a Teal livery. Maybe people get teal cars that REALLY love Falken tires a drifting?

    • Chris says:

      As does the Moto GP Rizla Suzuki team. My person thought is if a car is fast enough due to modifications or a drivers skill the owner can paint it whatever color they want and not look stupid.

  10. Cweil says:

    Same with the Mercedes F1 team- silver accented with lots of teal. Looks great in person.

    Cool to hear this carcast- I have a GTR (2013 BE, as in the review) and always wondered why Adam didn’t go for one given his affinity for Datsuns.

  11. dan says:

    I never was a fan of datsun’s until I saw this race.The car adam was racing was sweet.I think gale could hook this car up and make it awesome. I am sure it wouldn’t qualify for the category he is racing but what the hell…step up to the next and with his skill and some power(and better tires and brakes)I foresee an awesome time at the track.

  12. zender says:

    Thumbs up on recommending the S2000 as a $15K roadster. I’ve had a 2001 model that I bought in ’02 with 7,000 miles. It now has 30,000 so strictly a weekend car. The last 17,000 have been supercharged with a Comptech blower (basically the same system as the Vortec you guys mentioned except no irreversible changes to the car, jumped from 200rwhp to 300rwhp on a DynoDynamics. If you can find a garaged car, owned by a responsible middle aged white guy with low miles, you can’t go wrong. The only problem with that formula is, why would they sell it? There isn’t much out there that can replace it for the combination of light weight, minimal electronic intrusion, 9K redline, and operating cost. I think 2003 is the sweet spot for that car used, last year of the 2L 8.8K redline, glass rear window, a few interior tweaks.

  13. Ian says:

    Interesting about the BRZ conversation about not making 300 hp. We are seeing 600+ on the stock block so far…

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