Racer & Author Norm DeWitt & Lotus Evora S

Racer & Author Norm DeWitt & Lotus Evora S

Racer and writer Norm DeWitt comes in to talk about old Datsuns, vintage racing, NHRA’s 1000 foot rule and “TV” Tommy Ivo. Norm is the author of “Americans in Motorcycle Grand Prix Racing.”

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

Lotus Evora S

TV Tommy Ivo Explains His Multi-Engine Dragsters

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  1. Rob says:

    I lived along the Columbia river growing up and saw those Unlimiteds race every year. I saw Bill Muncey race the Atlas Van-Lines, and watched as the Budwieser boat pictured above flipped , killing the driver Dean Chenowith . There is an infamous picture that was on the next days front page of the Tri-city Herald; Showed the boat vertical in the air, and Dean flying next to the boat….at 200 mph. I was reminded of this image when Norm mentioned that they were NOT strapped in, less they drown when upside down. These boats did eventually have a more even playing field when they all started using the Lycoming T55 turbine motors. ( from Chinook Helicopters?)

  2. Rob says:

    oh,,,,sorry , love the LOTUS! Get it On ACEMAN!

  3. kaliforniaklassics61 says:

    I witnessed this De Kon Monza spinning out in an IMSA race at Laguna Seca in the late 1970’s just under the bridge going into turn four, that was a flat out straight to the bridge. The car was driven by Chris Cord. He was the Grandson of the founder of Cord automobiles. Just a rich white guy with a nice paint job void of sponsorship .
    These were cool cars when compared to the Porsches and David Hobbs in the BMW Turbo 320.
    I also saw David Hobbs hold off Al Holbert who was driving his DeKon Monza. at Sears Point in 1977. The Monza was very fast. I was amazed that Al Holbert drove one with much success. And he was a Porsche dealer and racer.
    Great Show by the Way.
    Please get TV Tommy IVO to come and speak to you or any of the guys from that area. What about some of the Wheelstanders of that era. Like “Wild” Bill Shrewsberry and the LA Dart. These guys I am sure live close to you and would love to talk about the old days. I have been to many forms of races all over the world but still feel when I saw him drive the LA DART at Fremont drags at night was the coolest thing ever and took some major balls to handle that car like he did.

  4. kaliforniaklassics61 says:

    Let me ad that was the old Laguna Seca when turn 6 was turn 4. Also I did not mean to say the Porsches and the BMW’s were not bad ass as well it was just amazing how competitive the DEKon Monza with the factory teams.
    Again my vote would be Tommy Ivo and or Wild Bill Shrewsberry as guest.

  5. Kyle says:


    The above link describes the motor connection of Tractor pull vehicles.


  6. That fat guy Norm who says he’s a racer; where’d you get that idea? A pompous boob is more like it.

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