Reeves Callaway of Callaway Cars

Reeves Callaway of Callaway Cars

Callaway Cars design and build high-performance specialty vehicles and are most famous for their Callaway Corvettes. Reeves started making turbo kits out of his home garage and started Callaway Cars in 1977. The Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette held the world street legal speed record of 254.76 mph.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

Reeves Callaway and the Callaway C16

24 Responses to “Reeves Callaway of Callaway Cars”

  1. Tyler Paulson says:

    Callaway is an amazing guy and can weave a beautiful story alongside Carolla.

    I’d like to see Callaway and Carolla do some work together.

  2. Bmw M Turbo, great pic.

  3. Mills says:

    This was a great episode, really funny throughout. I liked Reeves, very smooth guy.

  4. Halo909 says:

    Sounds like a super nice guy and its nice to see all that success to a great guy like him. Also Adam, aren’t the maintenance costs and parts and labor for an M3 past 60k miles just crazy high? If you look at the ads online for M3 a lot of them are between 50-60k because they want to avoid that 60k miles tuneup cost? Is the M3 worth the cost of maintenance if you’re looking to buy it as a 2nd car or weekend car?

  5. roy says:

    so funny how callaway had adam so mesmerized that he turned into huel howser with the 599 looking trim piece

  6. Ryan says:

    I own a callaway corvette, and i love it!!! anyone who has 150,000 should defiantly get one.

  7. mnoswad1 says:

    What was in Reeves’ plastic baggie at the end of the video?

  8. Ian says:

    Callaway has been one of the coolest guests they’ve had. Very cool to hear to historians talk cars. I’m sure that car is amazing to drive but I can’t get into Corvettes. They don’t look cool. They are for 50 year old guys in their midlife crisis.

  9. Huell Carolla says Wow!

  10. Chris says:

    Reeves seemed like a class act. Enjoyed this segment. The interior reminds me of Carvaggio:

  11. Eric says:

    $200k for THAT? No thanks. I think a stock ZR1 looks better, and its almost $100k less.

  12. Chris says:

    Why do they call it “street legal speed” when it aint legal for the streets. I could drive a NASCAR stock car around town and it would be fast as hell, but not street legal because it doesn’t have license plates on it?

  13. stack says:

    Met Reeves at Sema in 1994, the nicest most down to earth guy there by far.

  14. Reyna says:

    Hi Adam: I’m listening to this podcast and you’re talking about M3 this and E36 that….I googled it and realzied you were talking about BMWs. I have a 1995 325is. I love the body style and the interior so much that I don’t want to sell it but get it back on the road. I am driving another car and hence my beloved mediterranean blue baby is sitting in the garage plugged into the wall ….. I haven’t driven it in two years and realize the sitting and not driving can be bad for the car.

    Where do I start when looking for someone to get my car up and running. It’s in perfect condition….always garaged and covered. I sit in it sometime just to see if the engine will turn over….it won’t. AAA has been out once and got it started….I made the mistake of taking my foot off the gas just once and it died. This was after the AAA truck dude left.

    Mileage 133,000 or more. I’m the second owner. I could take it to Sonnen BMW but I want to have some money in the bank when I’m done (smile).

    Any insight would be great.



  15. DJ PuffyPhace says:

    This lady knows her stuff, but her voice annoys me to no end!

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