Vic and Christi Edelbrock


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Vic and Christi Edelbrock

Legendary hot rodder and aftermarket parts manufacturer Vic Edelbrock joins us, along with his daughter Christi. We talk about the upcoming Monterey event and the growth of Edelbrock’s business over the years. Then we step outside to take a look at Vic’s supercharged Corvette.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

Vic & Christi Edelbrock & 2012 Supercharged Z06

14 Responses to “Vic and Christi Edelbrock”

  1. Tyler Paulson says:

    Another great show; thanks Adam and Mike and crew!!!

    Have a great week!

  2. Chris from Lakeland, FL says:

    Sounds like the oil Vic is running is a regular motor oil, with a high zinc. Notice how he said something like, “…and we also have a synthetic with a zinc substitute…”? Les will like this.

  3. EW says:

    Kinda “DEJA VU”
    Love everything Adam does. GET IT ON!!!

  4. James says:

    Great move bringing Vic back in for the CarCast. He is always great to listen to because of the history he can speak to, but as always he can provide his opinion on the new technology as well.

    Aceman, please break down and add an American car to your collection. Take a hit for uncle Sam sir…

    I believe your favorite American muscle car from a styling aspect is a 1969 Camaro Z28. As is the same with many folks, myself included. You watch the Mecum auctions on occasion. Why not pick up a Z28 that matches your taste? Would like really nice to have a Chevrolet in you cool garage.

    Appreciate you keeping a new CarCast each week!


    • Rex Montana says:

      Impala 454, a Slut who’s proud of herself, interesting and a head on her shoulders.

    • Tyler Paulson says:

      Tesla Model S — Signature Edition.

      Faster than a Ferrari 458 to 60 mph and you’ll never have to visit the gas station foreigners.

    • Matt says:

      Adam’s first domestic car is on the way. Of course, it’s a vintage race car, but that’s all I’ll say for now.
      Matt -

  5. Dave Ringer says:

    Adam, you need to read the Smokey Yunick 3 volume book set. You will love the vintage road stories and tech info. Please find this and read it, you will not be disappointed. Not your typical biography.

  6. FuchsBag says:

    FYI “Smokey Eunuch” is also Ace’s gay porn name.

  7. Brodie Knob says:

    Did anyone else notice that the Corvette didn’t exactly start easily? Maybe it’s time for a different fuel pump upgrade.

    • Brodie Knob says:

      BTW, I meant on the podcast…the video was edited. It took a lot of cranking and two tries to get it to fire up.

  8. Derek Rehm says:

    Kinda thought Christi was a hag. Met Vic and his other daughter Cami on the 04 Power Tour. Great People. Had no clue Vic is responsible for the Holley carbureator design. Very Cool.

  9. Craig Mandernach says:

    Adam and Mike, thank you for having the Edelbrocks on the show. I was hoping that Adam or Vic might reference Smokey Yunick, then Vic starts off with a little known Smokey story…outstanding! Also, Dave Ringer’s post below about Smokey’s autobiography is dead-on and the best I have ever read. BTW-Smokey did not kiss Vic Edelbrock’s ass through out his writing.

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