Lake Bell & Scion FR-S


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Lake Bell & Scion FR-S

Actress Lake Bell is our guest this week. She’s an actress that has appeared in “How To Make It In America,” “Children’s Hospital” and “What Happens in Vegas.” She is also writes The Hollywood Reporter’s “Test Drive” column. Then we do a quick walk around a Scion FR-S.

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16 Responses to “Lake Bell & Scion FR-S”

  1. Tyler Paulson says:

    Lake Bell — nothing wrong with that — sweet.

  2. mnoswad1 says:

    oh my lord………haven’t even listened yet but I like the sound of this.

    • mnoswad1 says:

      okay, just listened..she actually has some things to say about cars. pretty cool, but I could have used a few more pics of the todays guest.

      Adams rant about pre air conditioned parked cars is falling on deaf ears. They make a remote start for this very reason. The solar roof powered prius cabin ventilator combined with remote start with the air conditioning left on would solve this “problem”.

      In the midwest and new england, it used to be common to go out and start the car on cold mornings, same should apply in reverse on hot days in the southwest…..go out and cool down the car on hot afternoons. Sniff.

      • Tyler Paulson says:

        +1 on more pix of Lake Bell; enough with the BRZ / FRS — it’s a sissy car that doesn’t belong on this program. Adam, do more stuff on <<>> cars.

  3. Tyler Paulson says:

    Sorry for not spelling your name correctly. Fat fingers.

    Adam Carolla!!!!!!

  4. Bimmer Ben says:

    There are three different whites available from the BMW factory, the standard Alpine White(gloss), an optional Mineral White(pearl/metallic), and the BMW Individual Frozen White(satin).

    I’m curious to know what Adam thinks of the BMW Z8. It seems right up his alley. 6speed manual, rear wheel drive, M5 v8, limited production, and an unmistakable all aluminum chassis and body.

  5. Jason says:

    Ya know Adam, the BMW 135i has timers for the climate control (most BMWs do when you get iDrive). It doesn’t operate the AC, but it does blow fresh air into the vehicle. Between that and a foil coated shade from, my car is totally livable when I get into it after work in this 100* SoCal heat wave. And it sits out baking in a parking lot @ WB all day.

  6. Pewter-Camaro says:

    Hey Ace man,

    The bright teal-ish green Ford color you are thinking of is called Calypso Green. It was a popular color for the Fox Body Mustangs toward the end of their run and the color did make appearances on a handful of Escorts and F150’s in the late 80’s through early 90’s.

  7. RT says:

    Already been said but I’ve had a remote start on my Jeep GC for 18 year’s black truck with tinted window’s, does the job. Carcast is awesome btw keep on keepin on!

  8. Hugh says:

    Best guest ever!

  9. Joe says:

    Adam and all,

    First of all, love the show! Now, where are the rest of the pictures of Lake! One of her, and 25 of the car?

    Lake is not only a beauty, but is smart, very funny, and likes cars!?!?! Where has she been!

  10. Adam, nice podcast enjoyable! A couple quick things. A/C takes 5-7 horsepower for the kind of cooling power you need. Batteries are out of the question. An APU is an option (auxiliary power unit) that would be a small gasoline engine. Teslas’ don’t actually run on batteries, they run on hydrogen fuel cells, a device that makes electricity out of a chemical reaction with oxygen directly. This would be an option with the complication of hydrogen tanks and systems. Bonanza aircraft A/C costs about 50k for something similar. So Lake Bell is the greatest what a cute laugh!

  11. Tim says:

    You know those “12v Auto Refrigerators” that have no real refrigeration system(no compressor, evap, condenser etc.) but that keep your food cool? They use thermoelectric devices called “Peltier effect coolers,” that move heat from one side to the other simply with electrical power. They aren’t real efficient, but they do will work, and will even freeze the cold side pretty readily of you pump enough current through them…all they have in them is a small fan that blows ambient air across a heat sink attached to the hot side of a Peltier effect cooler The same phenomenon could be used to keep the car cool, although it would take quite a bit of power and probably require it’s own battery system to maintain a maximum interior temp of, say, 90 degrees F in a black car in noontime sun.

    You could easily use a large array(that would probably still sit easily under the dash somewhere, or in the cooling ducts/tract) of Peltier effect devices to keep the car cool, solely on electric power, during short stops, if it were already cooled down. It would take a LOT of electrical power, though, to pre-cool the car from say 140+ deg F while it was sitting in the sun before you got into it . Once it was running and you had a power surplus, you could run the A/C WITH the second cooling system and probably get ultra-cool air within 10-15 seconds.

    Cool idea that just needs to be developed and applied…if is hasn’t been already.

  12. Nate says:

    You should get Lake to co-host this show – she’d be great.

  13. Postiche says:

    Wow, she’s a cool chick!

  14. SpaceCowboy says:

    How ’bout that. I hope JackHole is working on Lake Bell’s car show pilot – ‘Wrencher Chic’.

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