Mister Cartoon & His ’61 Impala Lowrider

Mister Cartoon & His ’61 Impala Lowrider

Mister Cartoon is an artist and car customizer. He started out doing graffiti, later doing murals, album art, logos and tattoos. Also joining us is Cartoon’s friend, photographer Estevan Oriol. Together, they have just launched Sanctiond, a new car care product line. Mister Cartoon also shows us his ’61 Impala lowrider.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana


Mister Cartoon’s 61 Impala Lowrider

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11 Responses to “Mister Cartoon & His ’61 Impala Lowrider”

  1. Tyler Paulson says:

    I enjoy the diversified guests and areas of the auto industry that CarCast presents.

    THIS IS WHAT THE CAR SHOW (sped channel) SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Those sped channel execs can suck it!

    Rock on, Ace — lifelong supporter of the Pirate Ship!

    Carolla listener since 1996.

  2. zinc says:

    You should have him pinstripe your Miura.

  3. CN says:

    “When i pull up in my car and the families roll up the windows and lock the doors, it’s because of Hollywood…”

    Umm.. no, it’s because you’ve intentionally made yourself look like a gangbanger. 

    • Tyler Paulson says:


      • Rex Montana says:

        It’s a little of both. Gangbangers are untalented morons, although they’re admirable for ambition.

        It’s obvious Chicano gangbanger wannabes would be gravitated to symbols of Chicano ingenuity. (Most of all those promoted by Hollywood.)

        But why did I say it’s “a little of both” though? Because you’re right. It’s a little gangster, the low-rider. Like an Audi.

    • Rick says:

      He was saying that criminals are not gonna drive shiny bright cars that jump when they’re out robbing people, they’ll be driving beat up 92′ Accords. Looking at his picture, I didn’t know gangsters wear cargo shorts.

  4. Mark Mallarde says:

    I guess its art, but its not about performance or driving.

  5. Rick says:

    Listening to the Aceman as long as I have I thought a lowrider would never be featured on the Carcast. It was an entertaining episode. The details on that Impala are pretty amazing. I agree with Tyler, I enjoy the diversity.

  6. ChicagoCarrollaFan says:

    Enjoyed the show, something different.

    The CarCast show is my favorite of the Carolla podcast empire.

  7. Bronson says:

    All of Toon’s rides are top notch and dude has a bunch.

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