Your Questions and Adam’s New Daily Driver Revealed!


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Your Questions and Adam’s New Daily Driver Revealed!

We answer your questions about which racer Adam would like to meet most, which lift to get for your garage, whether to leave rubbing compounds to the professionals and so much more. Then, Adam’s long-awaited new daily driver is revealed!

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

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2013 Jaguar XFR

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14 Responses to “Your Questions and Adam’s New Daily Driver Revealed!”

  1. Tyler Durden says:

    Congrats on the new Jaguar, Adam!

    I was hoping you’d get a Tesla Model S; it’s okay, you can drive mine.

  2. Allegory says:

    Is the jag a lease? Purchased? on loan?

  3. Hugh Gasol says:

    GET IT ON !

  4. AMT says:

    A retune will get you an honest extra 100 HP on the twin turbo 335i or ix.

  5. JohnnyB says:

    I’ll admit to being a little “biased” in my opinions about Corrados, but $5000 should buy a halfway decent example that has most of the “well documented” Corrado gremlins worked out of it…

    • Brian says:

      Yea I have seem them for less than $5k but I think 5k can get you a pretty decent one. My desire is to find a stock Corrado VR6 92-94 (94 was the last year in the U.S.) with the 2.8L vs the 1.8L supercharged older G60 version. My only hang up with the Corrado is that it is front wheel drive.

      Also i am the same Brian that asked that question.

  6. Vin Diesel says:

    Volkswagen GTI for $12,000? Lowest I found (under 80k) was an 07 for $14,500.

    • K-Man Pilkers says:

      I got an ’08 GTI back in the spring for $15K that was around 45K miles, but I got it from a private seller. You’re right, 12K for a GTI and it would have to be 06-07 (before they lowered the suspension as seen on the newer models) and pretty high mileage

  7. Ed says:

    Big fan of the XFR (any Jag for that matter). Had the opportunity to drive it during the Jaguar Alive Driving Experience.

  8. Da_awfUl_trutH says:

    This is Pancho Pantera (@Da_awfUl_trutH), thanks for answering my question regarding what to look for when purchasing an older car. I’m looking to buy a four cylinder older commuter car.

  9. adam says:

    Piss on those gimmicky peripherals that sprout from their hidey-holes because that’s the crap that would impress a Paris Hilton.

    But this point will be moot since Cali will likely demand restrictions on automotive electrical devices to draw less current and reduce gas consumption.

  10. Cool car…thought it unlikely Ace man would rough it in Mini or something similar.

    Even if the people stop & gawk at the Jag (something Ace Man detest’s with his Aston Martin) Jag has
    understated quality compared to its competitors.

    Thanks Matt for keeping our star in a appropriate ride.


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