The Bruce Meyer Collection

The Bruce Meyer Collection

Car enthusiast Bruce Meyer gives us a tour of his amazing car and motorcycle collection. He has a wide variety of cars, from hot rods to a gull wing Mercedes to a hemi-powered drag racer to the famous So-Cal Speed Shop belly tank.

Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation
Petersen Automotive Museum

16 Responses to “The Bruce Meyer Collection”

  1. edebolt says:

    That video clip of the museum.. Just about the best 40 mins I can remember… Pure magic. Thanks Aceman and Matt!

  2. Chris from Lakeland says:

    Pretty special batch of toys. I look forward to getting the stories on some of the others.

  3. Greg Birch says:

    Oh the green Jag, be still my heart. Perfect vehicle……….perfect.

  4. Hugh says:

    Who wants a house, I could live in that garage for the rest of my life.

    I’d Do Anything for These Cars (But I Won’t Do That)

  5. Marc says:

    Bruce is a true “Gear head” and as a fan I really appreciate the fact he shares his passion and collection. With his diverse collection, he usually has a car at the concourse as well as the smaller “hot rod” and local events. The world needs more “Bruce Meyer’s”…

  6. What an awesome collection – eclectic, but hitting all the high points! Thanks for sharing.

    @Greg Birch: Ping me if you’re ever in central Oregon… we’ll go for a drive in my E-type. ;)


  7. Raoul Duke PhD says:

    Wow. Great segment. That Gullwing is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. pixelaided says:


  9. ChicagoCarollaFan says:

    One of the most interesting car related videos I have ever seen, thanks to CarCast for shooting this.

  10. CinciTravis says:

    Good job. Nice and very selective collection. Quality over quantity.

  11. BRUCE,



    • Rex Montana says:

      Density-wise, yes he does; there are more (in number) amazing cars in that room than you could imagine.

      I don’t think he would appreciate that though, not that sort of appreciation.

      “Best” is a dumb word.

  12. honky lips says:

    great show, cant wait for the return show on the other cars & bikes in that garage.

  13. Ethan Snyder says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing tour. Gotta love how Adam brings up Newman’s Z31 racecar at the end…!

  14. Rex Montana says:

    I usually make snide remarks, but I am bettered by this. So not today. No silly snide comments today.

    This was better than anything in Jay’s garage b/c the cars were obviously higher quality, an overwhelming quality; the collection has focus.

    One common denominator to the collection was the adjective “lithe”. I was stunned by that. The Ferrari he showed after the Cobra was hypnotic. “Small hips” he said.

    Let’s pretend there is a Sports Car Museum for the “people”. No BS, just sports cars, light, sweet, sports cars — amazing pieces of machinery and your price to ride is: $500 for 2 minutes in the parking lot.

    (Of course they would steal it. Of course they would. It would never work.)
    Share your wealth with fellow enthusiasts.

    Good job. Thanks.

    • Rex Montana says:

      I like how Adam corrected himself. Audi are the people making diesel racers today, not peugeot, which sounds like a thank-you fart.

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