Tesla Model S & Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8


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Tesla Model S & Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

The impressive Tesla Model S has arrived! We take a look at all of its features and take it for a test drive. Then we get a first look at the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

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  1. Best episode ever! I love the Tesla cars and had presumed that Adam & Matt were anti-EVs. They are just anti “small-cars-that looks-awful-and-have-no-range” (Cough..LEAF..Cough..Prius…).

    The Fisker looks good, but has way less space, no performance and less than 35mpg once the real world **30 miles** EV range is gone. Plus it has quality issues whereas the Model S hasn’t had any so far.

    The Model S is a dream for any internet/podcast/blogging entrepreneur: a rolling computer that also keep us from sending money to the terrorists who hate us.

    Great job guys. I hope that one of you will end up buying this car.

  2. MurrayT says:

    Tesla S Climate Control feature?

    Adam, the climate control should be one of your favorite features. When it is 105 in the Summer, you can program the Tesla to keep the car at 72 degrees or control the climate control remotely with your cell phone.

    Try to play with this feature while you have the Tesla S for your test drive.

    My wife has a Nissan LEAF and parks it outside. When she leaves and it is 19 degrees and all our other cars are covered in ice, her LEAF is a warm and toasty 72 degrees. In Summer the opposite is true. Hot outside and the car is nice and cool. After a year and half of ownership she loves this feature the best.

    The Tesla S is a much nicer car than the LEAF and I believe you will love it even more the more you drive it. But once the new is worn off, you will probably find the climate control features are something you don’t want to live without.


  3. Fieldengineer says:


    Great review – held up on jumping on my Buell 1125R for a Saturday morning run to watch both videos.

    Matt’s comments about instant “on” is right on the money. It is why they use Alternating / Direct Current drive technology for paper machines and steel mill rolling lines. Electric instant torque is also coming to motorcycles.

    Our family will be purchasing an electric vehicle for the next commuter car – I am with Adam on the Gas station experience.

    The Tesla model S appears to be marketed for Adam Carolla’s income bracket – I hope he puts his money down (not a free lease) and uses it as his daily driver. I am not a fan of “comp’d” vehicles for promotional purposes – the reviews are then not genuine.

    Matt- thanks for pulling in the car for us all to see – keep up the good work.

    Question- Has Tesla installed a Faux exhaust/engine vibration in the seats to simulate an internal combustion engine?

    thanks again for the content.


  4. Michael says:

    Hey Adam,

    Glad you loved the car. I kept waiting for some crazy rant, but was glad to hear nothing negative. You should definitely get on the list for the car too! Just a heads up, Motor Trend did a 3.9 0-60 time in our performance vehicle. The car is quicker 0-100 than a 2013 M5, stops quicker than that M5, and has twice as much room inside as well! You know you want one :). If you come up North to see the plant, shoot me a line.

  5. Rrrrr says:

    Tesla model s the future / SR8 now looking like the past.

    • Man From Up North says:

      Indeed. It’s a funny contrast: 90+ mpg electric car followed by a 15-mpg performance SUV. Both are pretty sweet tho…:-)

  6. Chris J says:

    I wanted to hear about battery life expectancy and what it would take to renew. Do you basically have to throw this car away in 3 years, as changing out the entire frame/battery would cost more than the car? That’s where your real expense is, with electric vehicles, not in the cost for the electricity to charge the battery..

    • Turbofroggy says:

      The battery has a 8 year unlimited mileage warranty on the 85KW version. Also Tesla has the option to pre-pay for your next replacement battery at a large discount. For example, the 85KW version which is $72K, a pre-purchase of the next battery would be $12K. Since driving the Tesla for the 8-10 years until the battery is worn out would save you way more than the $12K for a new battery, you still come out ahead. Plus you have the range of a brand new car.
      The 40KW model, which starts at $50K, pre-paying for the replacement for that one would be $8K.

      Compare that with the average crappy 25MPG car, you end up putting more money in gas into the car before it has 100K miles on it then you originally paid for it new.

      It is all about total cost of ownership, and when you compare all the averages to comparably equipped cars, an electric comes out so far ahead from the equivalent gas vehicle.


    • Jake Y says:

      First thing to understand is the battery won’t “die”, it just has less capacity as it ages. Tesla expects 70% capacity left in 7 years / 100k miles. The Roadster has been on the road for 4 years (came out in late 2008) and so far no reports of excessive capacity loss.

      For people dead worried about capacity loss, you can pre-purchase a replacement battery for the Model S right now (you can redeem it anytime after 8 years, pro-rated so you pay more if you redeem it early, pay less if you get it later). Here’s the price if you get it exactly 8 years later:
      $8,000 for the 40-kWh battery, $10,000 for the 60-kWh and $12,000 for the 85-kWh pack
      That contract is transferable in case you want to sell your car later (it’ll help resale value).

      The other thing is the Model S’s battery pack is designed to be swappable in 1-5 minutes, so there is no changing out of frame needed (even labor cost will be minimal).

      • Man From Up North says:

        Totally agree with Jake Y here. I would also add that no luxury car can be evaluated on the basis of “saving money on gas”. This makes no sense. I like Adam’s remark on not wanting t frequent shady gas stations.

        Tesla focuses on performance & makes all its cars beautiful and fun to drive — like BMWs without the douche-bag factor..

  7. Man From Up North says:

    Best episode ever! I love the Tesla cars and had presumed that Adam & Matt were anti-EVs. They are just anti “small-cars-that looks-awful-and-have-no-range” (Cough..LEAF..Cough..Prius…).

    The Fisker looks good, but has way less space, no performance and less than 35mpg once the real world **30 miles** EV range is gone. Plus it has quality issues whereas the Model S hasn’t had any so far.

    The Model S is a dream for any internet/podcast/blogging entrepreneur: a rolling computer that also keep us from sending money to the terrorists who hate us.

    Great job guys. I hope that one of you will end up buying this car.

  8. Keith says:

    Isn’t telling the government to get out of Tesla’s way a little like when Tea Partiers told the government to keeps its hands off Medicare?

    Tesla is the beneficiary of a huge government loan that they’re still paying back, without which they almost certainly wouldn’t be where they are today.

    Tesla is an example of a a productive partnership between government and industry, not of industry succeeding in spite of excessive government intervention.

    • Fieldengineer says:

      Good points.

      Also – the untapped Electricity not utilized during the off-peak (overnight) hours will be the savings for the Utilities. Most people do not realize that unused generated power is lost if not used – it returns back to the generator with associated Transmission loss.

      The electric trolley cars destroyed by the automobile industry buying and destroying (similiar to GM’s EV1 destruction) is why electric technology has not progressed.

      It is great that “Big government” requires the large manufacturer’s to at least keep an appearance in the game – Companies like Tesla are the force of change. The company that finds and utilizes the least exotic metals for the battery/storage technology will win the market.

      Thanks for showing a truly exotic sport car.

  9. mnoswad1 says:

    Didn’t tesla get a bunch of government money?

    But still looks like a great product…..although that big flat screen is horrible. Rather have the radio and ac controls as separate tactile interfaces with knobs and buttons that are always accessible.

    Electric cars can use knobs too. not everything needs to be a touch screen.

    • Engeniiiiiier says:

      goverment-money so what? do you even know HOW MUCH Gov-money GM and all that guys are getting? I’m not even counting the bailout!

      They took the money and as far as i know they are already paying it back, Tesla is still in a cost-disadvantage compared to the subsidies GM and Co get but it evened-out the field a little which is a good thing.

      They took the money and made innovation with it – what are the large corporations doing with the money? making crappy hybrids and shitty wanna-be luxurycars

      • mnoswad1 says:

        Just sayin, the way Adam was praising the company in his closing speech made it sound as if he thinks that Tesla did it all on their own in the free market with out any help.

        Agreed, at least Tesla did something good with the cash. Like I said, great product. But his praise seemed contradictory to his other political views regarding taxes, etc.

        • Charles says:

          Tesla got a government loan, plain and simple. Many companies do this. This is not like the bailout cash GM received.

          Just like if you were to ask a VC for funding, I’m sure Elon had to go and pitch the business plan. Like other loans, Tesla is required to pay back the entirety of the loan and has every intention on doing so. Here’s an article if you want to read more about it:


          • Fieldengineer says:

            Good point

            Everyone in America has been “helped” by the Government. If the “help” produces a great product that will change the industry – then everyone wins.

            This attitude that “help” is “welfare” is crazy. Without the Govt. – the railroads, the Highway system, the Electrification system, and the internet would not be what it is today.

            Watch the PBS show about Nissan, Tesla, and small shops designing the electric vehicles – it shows a great talent for the wave of the future.

            Thanks Charles for the input to this board.

            Thank you Adam for providing the forum.

  10. Brodie Knob says:

    That Tesla S is very cool, but my God is that woman annoying.

    You could have a drinking game based on every time she begins a sentence with the word “so” – but alcohol poisoning could become an issue.

    • Fieldengineer says:

      Totally disagree with your take.

      The woman was a great representative and I was impressed with her knowledge and presentation working with Adam in the unveiling of this car.

      Her job was to present the car and “do no harm”.

      I am also with ChicagoCarollaFan’s comment about people needing to complain on a message board.

      Take careful

  11. ChicagoCarollaFan says:

    What is it with people finding the need to complain rather then say something positive.
    Reminds me of the the old out of service Adam Carolla Show board.

  12. dean says:

    I’m sold!

    I never thought I’d be trading my $17k used Avalon for a $75k Tesla. I drive 130 miles a day (all highway) The 8 year unlimited battery warranty seals the deal. Now I just need to hurry up and wait 10+ months.

  13. Eric says:

    I love how he ran the red light.. Because of him, I do that all the time! haha.

  14. Sharon says:

    I got delivery of my model s dec 28. I love it. It has an incredible interior the drive is fun and my solar panels are helping to power my car. I have had no issues with it and expect it to have an incredible life. And I hope to experience incredible adventure with it! I highly recommend this vehicle to purchase. I have three road trips lined up since tesla got the Connecticut and Delaware charge stations opened and hope they extend south to Georgia and Florida soon!!

  15. Hugh says:

    Love that Tesla. Looks like the mid size Jag

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