NHRA Champion Larry Dixon & Brad Fanshaw of BonSpeed Wheels


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NHRA Champion Larry Dixon & Brad Fanshaw of BonSpeed Wheels

NHRA Top Fuel World Champion Larry Dixon is in town for the Winternationals at Pomona and stopped by the shop. He is joined by Brad Fanshaw of Bonspeed Wheels and host of Street Rod and Custom Radio. Brad also brings in a cool electric bike built by Marrs Electric Cycles.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana


4 Responses to “NHRA Champion Larry Dixon & Brad Fanshaw of BonSpeed Wheels”

  1. honkylips says:

    so no one thought to crank the bike up & spin around the parking lot for us? that was strange…

    • mnoswad1 says:

      Good idea. As detailed as Adam is, he seems completely uninterested in producing better segments ….but, the guys at the shop/studio must be swamped with all the various shows, so I get it…..but still.

      But that video of a spirited drive around the block in the red challenger more than made up for the electric bike video…….

  2. Hugh says:

    Right when Adam said it, I was eating a fruit salad and lamenting on how I didn’t love the grapes. I guess I must be an English man.

  3. Gabbing Nuisance says:

    There’s 100% compliance with keeping people safe when non-extreme news outlets ignore their job of putting sunshine on complicated, transcendent government that cares…and needs more power over you. And when it fails, cares more and needs more power over you, ad infinitum.

    Buy my book, unless reading now falls under the purview white privilege.

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