Matt Farah & His Modified Corvette C5

Matt Farah & His Modified Corvette C5

Matt Farah is host of The Smoking Tire YouTube series and the podcast of the same name. He is now also the general manager of Gotham Dream Cars LA, an exotic rental car agency in West LA. Matt throws some revs at his modified C5 Corvette.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

11 Responses to “Matt Farah & His Modified Corvette C5”

  1. C5 Vette says:

    It’s cool that he has a successful YouTube channel and is able to do what he loves for a living, but it sounds like he was a spoiled kid. His parents just give him all that money for his Bar Mitzvah? WTF!!!? I would suck a horses cock to have a Corvette at 18. I’m 23, working two jobs while going to school, and driving a 2001 Civic that I paid for every cent of. FML!!!

  2. Aaron K. says:

    Matt Farah is awesome. Love this guy. Great show!

  3. DAL AMT says:

    His dad’s friends gave him the money at the Bar Mitzvah. My parents invited a bunch of their friend to my wedding 10 years ago. My wife and I ended up netting $8,000 that night! And that’s AFTER cost of wedding. It helps to have parents that know people!!

    • C5 Vette says:

      Yeah, I suppose it’s not his fault that he was dealt some nice cards in life. Just gotta do what you can with what you’re given. Reminds me how all my friends’ parents bought them brand new cars back in high school, while I got some shitbox, hand-me-down, 94 Civic (Barney purple). Perks of growing up in a nice area with cheap parents…

    • Travis F. says:

      I wish I was a Jew……

  4. Claus Giloi says:

    Regarding your discussion of pop-up headlights, maybe I can help. DOT approved aerodynamic headlight enclosures are comparatively recent, before that only round sealed beam (later rectangular also) enclosures were DOT approved. There is no great way to blend these into the bodywork (think 911). That’s the reason cars of this era had popup headlights, not a lack of engineering imagination.

  5. Beaver 99 says:

    Matt is good people. The vette is cool. Don’ be hattin.

  6. picoletray says:

    Can you guys get some #’s from Matt (besides decibals)? 1/4 mile, 0-60, dyno, parts list, estimated build cost, You know, DETAILS, CARCAST!

  7. Barack Soetorro says:

    What’s with the license tag? Insurance deal?

  8. Dwayne says:

    I am not much of a Corvette guy, but that one rules!!

  9. Hugh says:

    Wow I didn’t have $1,000 to my name in High School. Wish I had a Bar Mitzvah.

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