Off Road Racer Ryan Beat & Dave Arnold of Lucas Oil

Off Road Racer Ryan Beat & Dave Arnold of Lucas Oil

Off road racer Ryan Beat joins us to talk about driving in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series. We hear about his start in racing and the injury that forced him out of motocross. We also talk to Dave Arnold, an announcer for the off road series and a former racecar, jet ski and motocross rider. Then we go outside to check out Ryan’s off road racing truck.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

5 Responses to “Off Road Racer Ryan Beat & Dave Arnold of Lucas Oil”

  1. . says:

    Why doesn’t Adam try to get Paul Walker (Fast & Furious) on CarCast? That’d be the best episode ever!

  2. Chris from Lakeland, FL says:

    Nice job, guys.

  3. Ron C says:

    Awesome, more desert short-course off road racing! Adam should REALLY get a ride in a class 1, trophy truck, class 10, or class 6/7.. because with most motorsports, whether it’s MotoGP or Formula 1, you have some rough idea of what it’s like. I’m a F1 and enduro moto racing fan, so I’m not trying to take anything away from the other motorsports, BUT people really have no idea what desert racing is like until they’re looking straight down a desert race track. Even on the best HD DVD footage, you just cannot tell how @#$%ed up the ground is. We’re talking about looking at 1-3ft walls of dirt, over and over, that your neighbor’s “highly modified” truck can barely drive over at 10 mph. Everybody who has been in an unlimited desert race car on a natural track has thought something similar to this: “this $hit ain’t supposed to be possible and how in the hell are we doing 80mph on this?”

  4. honkylips says:

    another great show guys, thanks…love ace on the house also

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