Jim Fitzgerald “Designated Hitter” Datsun at Sonoma Historics

Jim Fitzgerald “Designated Hitter” Datsun at Sonoma Historics

Adam recaps his run at the Sonoma Historics in the Jim Fitzgerald “Designated Hitter” Datsun 280zx. We do a little play-by-play and then hear about what a hassle it was for Adam to get a rental car.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

The “Designated Hitter” in 1980

2 Responses to “Jim Fitzgerald “Designated Hitter” Datsun at Sonoma Historics”

  1. Speaking of what can’t Adam complain about, other than this humiliation to his car & Marque, and Lucas electrics of course, how can you complain about an E-type Jaguar. Race pedigree well beyond its production days (both before and after), a gorgeous design, and possibly the most visually attractive twin-cam engine ever built!

  2. Bud says:

    The Vette that passed Adam at 5:09 completely outclassed the field. The 935s had nothing for him and halfway thorough he was short shifting coming out of the final hairpin. The BMWs, Datsuns and 914s? Forget about it!

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