Paul Newman 300zx At Monterey Historics

Paul Newman 300zx At Monterey Historics

Adam races Paul Newman’s 300zx turbo at the Monterey Historics. Adam and Matt talk about all of the events that weekend and then do a play-by-play of Adam’s race, including his spin-out at the end.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

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  1. Doug says:

    Where’s the video of the Posey Car Crash?

  2. Doug says:

    “Posey” = Vasek Polak

  3. Doug says:

    Didn’t know what the “Dekon Monza” you referred to was, turns out it’s a 1975 Chevy Monza!

    “The Dekon Monza featured a tubular frame chassis, an overall weight of about 2,400 pounds, and over 600 horsepower from a fuel-injected V-8 engine. The cars were very fast and competitive, thanks in part to their excellent 50/50 weight distribution.

    Engines used were heavily modified Chevrolet 5.7-6.0 L V8 small-blocks, normally aspirated, some using four Weber (2V) downdraft carburetion. They developed as much as 650 horsepower. The car’s lightweight, high horsepower combination was a formidable competitor in IMSA and other racing series. After some teething problems the DeKon Monza of Al Holbert won the IMSA GT Championship in 1976 and 1977.

    These cars mostly ran in IMSA’s Camel GT Challenge Series in the All-American Grand Touring (AAGT) class from 1975-1986. Also in the SCCA Trans-Am pro series and its club racing amateur events.”

  4. Doug says:

    “Last November, at Daytona, I reached the highest speed I have ever made on a
    race track … 204 mph, in this very same Monza I have now.

    I had gone to the US at the invitation of my old pal, Horst Kwech, who is actually an expatriate Australian …”
    Allan Moffat, “Meet My Monza”, Racing Car News, February, 1976.

  5. Charles says:

    We did have both radiators blocked on Saturday. About 20 square inches each covered by some cardboard. The car has two massive radiators, one in front of each front wheel, and a giant air to air inter cooler where the stock radiator would normally be.

  6. Greg Birch says:

    I have some more, check these out, and download anything you like.

  7. Jake says:

    that #8 M1…

  8. Juergen Lurz says:

    Love the video just like F 1

  9. Chris from Lakeland, FL says:

    The crash was featured on one of the regular podcasts, last week. Just check them until you see one that has several race videos.

    This was an absolutely great podcast and video that I really enjoyed. However, I never see the 914 drop down into the turn, so it seems as if the guys were watching video from a different camera than the footage posted. Obviously, the 914 had to turn left, or run out of track, so it happened, but it’s not on that footage, Thanks, everybody! Loved it! Loved the track position stuff, Jeff!

    • CarCast says:

      Thanks, Chris! Unfortunately, the 914 was in the blind spot of the cameras we had running. Our backup 4th camera was actually on the roof facing forward, but its battery died on us. — Jeff

  10. Al says:

    Awesome to see Newman’s 300zx out on the track again! I was a huge BSR and Newman fan, would watch them race at Lime Rock with my Dad, thanks for bringing back so many great memories!

  11. craig T says:

    Hate to say it Adam, your line needs some work…

  12. Duane V says:

    I remember the corvette you’re behind in the cork screw. I saw it at riverside, at the 6 hr race in the mid 80’s. If I remember correctly, it ran a big block but was uncompetitive. It’s good they tore down RIR for an empty mall!

    • Doug says:


      Say it isn’t so:

      RIR does not exist?

      …I have vague memories of my dad taking a helicopter ride over the place back in the day.

      Dan Gurney, Chuck Daigh, et-al.

      Chuck Daigh:

      …he also won the 1958 United States Sports Car Grand Prix at Riverside, California, driving a Scarab.

      This event was largely credited with launching professional sports car racing in the United States.

  13. Rick says:

    Looks to me like you did your best laps when you were following that Capri. (looks like a Mustang to me??) Cool cars, nice track. . . Looks like fun!

  14. joegagan says:

    wonderful photogallery, thanks for taking the pictures and posting them. i looked at all of them.
    really great carcast!

  15. Shawn Thomas says:

    Hey Ace, I’m the guy the other night at your show in Boston wearing the Car Cast ballcap. I felt like I was rude to you but I was actually just confused because there was so many people they were rushing us through. I only heard half what you said to me and then realized you were talking about this episode of the Car Cast. Anyways, I’m a huge fan and met you a couple times before. Love what you do and contributed to Road Hard, looking forward to how it comes together. Thanks for the show with Dr Drew, it was great!

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