Paul Newman 300zx At Monterey Historics

Paul Newman 300zx At Monterey Historics

Adam races Paul Newman’s 300zx turbo at the Monterey Historics. Adam and Matt talk about all of the events that weekend and then do a play-by-play of Adam’s race, including his spin-out at the end.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

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30 Responses to “Paul Newman 300zx At Monterey Historics”

  1. The In Car video and graphics and narration are terrific!

  2. Johnathn says:

    our of curiosity what do you guys use for radios?

  3. Fieldengineer says:

    Guys – Great video production and Adam / Matt commentary.

    I have studied your slide out into the dirt and noticed that your “letting go of steering wheel” when the car gets “squirly” did you a disservice when your car got “squirly” and hit the rumble strips and lost traction. You can see the Porsche ahead of you lose the same traction and his rear end kick out – but he recovered – rear engine boxer probably helped.

    Is the above a good analysis? What is your analysis of the loss of traction and slide out?

    I do not know about your braking – but in MotoGP when you grab to much brake – the bike will lose traction and slide or “high side” and flip the rider over.

    Anyway – luckily you did no real damage to anyone or yourself and it is a great story to tell Sonny.

    Keep up the good work and ‘Take Careful’

    Again – the Data acquisition is great and would be cool to analyze the spin out .

  4. Jerome says:

    Great video. It could have included a little more of the podcast.

  5. ChicagoCarollaFan says:

    Those are great pictures of vintage race cars, maybe some of the coolest cars ever made.

    Was that a picture of Michael Schumacher?

  6. Mikey says:

    Wow, this is fantastic, I just heard the podcast and was excited to watch it on my pc when I got home. Would love some split screen video, picture in a picture particularly when you describe the car filling up the rear views…with such a dynamic course, you just want to see around the corner. Such a great sport, come to road america next summer!

    • ChicagoCarollaFan says:

      I was just at Road America for the GRAND-AM / ALMS Series, I’ve been going there forever it is a beautiful race course.

  7. SRL2000 says:

    Way to go Ace Man, keep those Awesome Datsuns / Nissans alive. We Love the Nissans, the Cars were always looked down upon by the Euro Trash but they usually Over Achieved. Just Like You My Brother..

    And Hats Off to the whole ACE Racing Team because we all know it takes more then just a Driver…


  8. Rafe s says:

    From one of the uk fans! Just brilliant footage

    These are bigs beasts on the track, makes my little lotus Elise look utterly pedestrian

    And the weather…wow! Castle Combe circuit in the uk standard drizzle bears no comparison


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