Come On A Road Trip With CarCast & Nissan IDX

Come On A Road Trip With CarCast & Nissan IDX

Recorded live in Adam’s car on the way back from Laguna Seca! Adam and Matt talk about racing and answer your questions. Plus a special look at the Nissan IDX concept car with its designer, Gio Arroba!

Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

5 Responses to “Come On A Road Trip With CarCast & Nissan IDX”

  1. Chris Middlebrook says:

    Kudos for using the new warehouse to showcase guest cars. I think that is a great place with Adam’s cars in the background. If anything, there won’t be any problems with the acoustics as you normally have when you feature cars out in the parking lot of the studio.
    BTW – can you give us a sneak peek of the new warehouse? That little snippet of it with the cool Nissan concept car, and a couple you’ve shown on Facebook are really cool.

  2. Steve Harvey says:


    Interesting concept car but I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the roadster in the background.

    Adam, have you gotten the roadster you picked up in Oregon, Wisconsin several years ago restored?

    Yes, please show us the new warehouse.

    • Doug says:


      Don’t care much for the concept, but would love to see Adam’s cars in the warehouse.

      Not sure about the roadster Steve is referring to, but how is the Lotus project coming along?

  3. Joe says:

    Like most concept cars, I would hope that the radical styling of the IDx gets toned down a bit for the actual production model… Better yet, I would love to see a car that is a true evolution of the ’69-’73 510… Not just a car that pays tribute to the styling cues… If Nissan chose to do that, I’d be first in line on the waiting list!!!

  4. Blake says:

    Nice car! But PLEASE give us a tour of the new garage and show us Adam’s sweet cars!!

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