The Ring Brothers’ ADRNLN Pantera

The Ring Brothers’ ADRNLN Pantera

The great Ring Brothers are back with their amazing Pantera resto-mod that debuted at SEMA this year. We talk about ideas for upcoming projects and the basket-case Winnebago they bought at an auction.

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9 Responses to “The Ring Brothers’ ADRNLN Pantera”

  1. SurferD says:

    Amazing transformation of a classic.
    The Ring boys are true craftsmen.
    I agree with Adam about the customizers trying something other than Mustangs/Camaros.
    The Datsun Z is an excellent candidate.
    Probably a 280 rather than 240 though because the chassis was stronger.

  2. Brennan says:

    Here is a great link for the story on Tim Horton who died when he crashed his Pantera in 1974. Tim Horton received the Pantera as part of his contract with the Buffalo Sabres. In Canada, Tim Horton is a hockey legend as well as creating a donut chain that is a huge part of Canadian culture today. Just ask Larry Miller about Tim Hortons and he will give you an earful.

  3. Barry Soetorro says:

    A winner! I would prefer this car to a new Ferrari 458 or Lambo “Huaron”….I think. I am more interested in style and comfort than my car goes 4.5 to 60 and yours only goes 5.1 to 60. I would have to see the car in person and the steering and clutch would have to be easy – not like a truck.

  4. John says:

    Here is an interesting outside the box build of a 600+ horsepower Pro-Touring 67 Volvo Build, and it appears that they are in production and or a kit form? I bet this one is fun, along with not being just another Camaro or Mustang either, plus it apparently made it into the Optima Battery Challenge Invitational after SEMA which I don’t think is a slouch event?

  5. skippy says:


    That was the other DeTomaso car that Adam was trying to remember. It came out before the Pantera and had the center-hinge engine doors in the rear.

    And, “Bill” drove one at the beginning of Kill Bill:

    center-hinge engine doors:

    bad-ass racing Mangusta:

  6. Bob says:

    The Ring Brothers do a nice job of wowing folks, but after the initial cool factor wears off and the owners of these cars have to deal with them on a daily basis I’m sure most would agree that their cars become rather impractical for anything other than driving a couple of miles to your local show n shine.

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