PODCAST: RJ Gottlieb, Big Red Camaro

July 17, 2015

Driver RJ Gottlieb joins Adam and Matt to talk about the history of the Big Red Camaro and the car’s extraordinary capabilities. Later, caller Ira returns with another round of the Hypothetical Stop Light Game. Adam, Matt, and RJ then help a listener with a stripped lug nut and talk to a caller who has some tips for staying cool on the track. Plus they address a question about the BMW 6 Series and the importance of having a numbers-matching Camaro.

For more on the Big Red Camaro, visit BigRedCamaro.com and don’t miss the docu-series Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer on NBCSN July 27th.

Hosts: Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria
Producer: Chris Laxamana


Referenced on the Episode:

Stripped lug nut suggestions

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