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CARCAST: Paul Newman’s Cutlass, First Sports Cars, Voltaire

July 30, 2015

Adam and Matt discuss their upcoming trip to the Monterey Historics and share more information on the Cutlass Adam plans on racing. They also answer listener questions about storing cars and a choosing a first sports car.

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PODCAST: Matt Farah, The Smoking Tire

July 24, 2015

Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire joins Adam and Matt this week to talk about his recent trip to Monaco, his ‘new’ Lexus with over 920k miles on it, and much more. Adam also shares some stories from his experience filming Road Hard and another one from his KROQ days with Jimmy Kimmel. Also, caller Ira returns with another round of The Hypothetical Stop Light Game and the guys answer listener questions about finding a good mechanic and choosing an off-road vehicle.

For more with Matt Farah – tune in to /DRIVE on NBC Sports, check out his upcoming film All Cars Go To Heaven: Vol. 2 and visit

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PODCAST: RJ Gottlieb, Big Red Camaro

July 17, 2015

Driver RJ Gottlieb joins Adam and Matt to talk about the history of the Big Red Camaro and the car’s extraordinary capabilities. Later, caller Ira returns with another round of the Hypothetical Stop Light Game. Adam, Matt, and RJ then help a listener with a stripped lug nut and talk to a caller who has some tips for staying cool on the track. Plus they address a question about the BMW 6 Series and the importance of having a numbers-matching Camaro.

For more on the Big Red Camaro, visit and don’t miss the docu-series Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer on NBCSN July 27th.
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PODCAST: Dealer Recommended Services, Formula 1, and Blue Smoke

July 9, 2015

Adam and Matt give advice to listener questions about a Dodge truck dumping fuel when starting and another about a Camry emitting blue smoke. They also go over the services that dealers recommend at 80k miles and talk about their favorite parts of Forumla 1 Racing.

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PODCAST: Fontana Recap, Hypothetical Stop Light Game, and Switching Oils

July 3, 2015

Adam and Matt recall their weekend at the 2015 Southern California Historic Sports Car Festival at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. They also provide commentary over a few laps of Adam’s qualifying race in his ’86 Paul Newman Camaro. Lastly, they answer a listener question about switching motor oils and play a new game with a caller.

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PODCAST: Dan Greenawalt, Forza Motorsport

June 26, 2015

Dan Greenawalt is the creative director at Forza Motorsport. He talks to Adam and Matt about the unveiling of Forza Motorsport 6 at E3 and the attention to detail involved in creating the cars and tracks within the game. They also discuss the new Ford GT and give advice to a listener learning to drive a manual transmission.

For more on Forza, visit and find Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox this September.

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PODCAST: Rutledge Wood

June 19, 2015

Rutledge Wood joins Adam and Matt to talk about the cars on his new show Lost in Transmission. They also give their thoughts on the state of Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson. While taking listener phone calls, the three then discuss the worst ideas they’ve come across in automobile design and Rutledge shares an update on Top Gear USA.

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PODCAST: Winslow Bent, Legacy Classic Trucks

June 11, 2015

Winslow Bent joins Adam and Matt to talk about vintage truck restoration at Legacy Classic Trucks. They also share stories about old military vehicles and give advice to a caller looking to get away from his monotonous job at an automotive plant.

For more on Legacy Classic Trucks, visit

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