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PODCAST 810: Jonathan Ward, ICON

March 11, 2016

ICON‘s Jonathan Ward returns to CarCast to talk about ICON production and upcoming projects. The guys also discuss some of their favorite rare cars and a few of Jonathan’s clients. Lastly, the guy take a couple of questions from callers asking about fuel system cleaning and finding a decent car under $20k.

For tickets to Jonathan’s fundraising event, Cars and Casino, visit

For more on ICON, visit

And visit the Petersen Automotive Museum to see the new ICON FJ44 Petersen Special on display!

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PODCAST 809: Second Dates

March 4, 2016

Adam begins the show with an announcement regarding Catch a Contractor and his future television plans. He and Matt then discuss an update to one of the Newman cars before talking to a couple of listeners about upgrading from a Porsche Cayman and Adam’s thoughts on endurance racing in Europe. Also, Adam brings up a few of the documentaries that were nominated for an Academy Award this year.

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PODCAST 808: Weekend at The Petersen Automotive Museum

February 25, 2016

Adam and Matt talk about their weekend at the BRE 50th Anniversary Reunion held at the Petersen Automotive Museum. They also help a listener thinking about selling his Subaru and discuss some rare BRE cars.

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PODCAST 807: Randy Nonnenberg

February 19, 2016‘s Randy Nonnenberg joins the show and talks about his very popular website and some of his favorite car events. Plus the guys take a listener question about extending the life of a used vehicle.

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PODCAST 806: Alexis DeJoria

February 12, 2016

Drag racer Alexis DeJoria joins the Adam and Matt to share her experience racing Funny Cars. She also talks about her husband Jesse James and her father John Paul DeJoria before the group gets into a discussion about motorcycles.

For more with Alexis, visit

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PODCAST 805: C.J. Wilson

February 5, 2016

MLB pitcher C.J. Wilson joins Adam and Matt to share his love for cars and racing. They talk about how C.J.’s upbringing sparked his passion for cars and go over some of his collection, including a Skyline and Cayman GT4. They also share some tricks on finding the best deals on cars.

For more with C.J. Wilson, visit and follow him on Twitter @str8edgeracer.

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PODCAST 804: Dealer Plates

January 29, 2016

Adam and Matt discuss a time Adam flew on a private jet with Jay Leno and felt uncomfortable pouring himself a drink. They also speak to a caller wondering which cars Adam and Matt have yet to drive from their ‘list.’ And lastly, Adam shares his theory on why drivers should leave their dealer license plates installed.

PODCAST 803: ‘Insignificant’ Accidents, Barrett-Jackson, and the Tesla Model X

January 22, 2016

Adam and Matt talk about interviewing Mario Andretti, flying a private jet to Barrett-Jackson with Jay Leno, and the new Tesla Model X in the CarCast Garage. Also, caller Ira returs with another edition of the Hypothetical Stop Light Game and the guys help a listener thinking of buying a car that’s been in an ‘insignificant’ accident.

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