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PODCAST 805: C.J. Wilson

February 5, 2016

MLB pitcher C.J. Wilson joins Adam and Matt to share his love for cars and racing. They talk about how C.J.’s upbringing sparked his passion for cars and go over some of his collection, including a Skyline and Cayman GT4. They also share some tricks on finding the best deals on cars.

For more with C.J. Wilson, visit and follow him on Twitter @str8edgeracer.

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PODCAST 804: Dealer Plates

January 29, 2016

Adam and Matt discuss a time Adam flew on a private jet with Jay Leno and felt uncomfortable pouring himself a drink. They also speak to a caller wondering which cars Adam and Matt have yet to drive from their ‘list.’ And lastly, Adam shares his theory on why drivers should leave their dealer license plates installed.

PODCAST 803: ‘Insignificant’ Accidents, Barrett-Jackson, and the Tesla Model X

January 22, 2016

Adam and Matt talk about interviewing Mario Andretti, flying a private jet to Barrett-Jackson with Jay Leno, and the new Tesla Model X in the CarCast Garage. Also, caller Ira returs with another edition of the Hypothetical Stop Light Game and the guys help a listener thinking of buying a car that’s been in an ‘insignificant’ accident.

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PODCAST 802: Rear Wheel Drive

January 15, 2016

Adam and Matt discuss Adam’s Lamborghini 400GT 2+2, some exciting news regarding Goodwoood, and black tape on headlights. They also weigh the pros and cons of rear wheel drive.

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PODCAST 801: Adam Test Drives the BMW i3

January 8, 2016

Adam and Matt return for the first CarCast of 2016! Adam recalls his experience test driving the BMW i3 and Matt talks about porting and polishing his Mustang heads. Plus, another update on their plans to visit the Goodwood Festival and the guys talk to a listener wondering if he should fix or sell his Chevy Cavalier.

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PODCAST Best Of: Jeff Dunham and The Batmobile

January 1, 2016

Comedian Jeff Dunham comes in to talk about comedy, cars and home-built helicopters. And Jeff brings us an unbelievably unique car from his collection — an actual Batmobile. Not a clone, but one used in the movies.

BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and (c)DC Comics.

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PODCAST Best Of: Rutledge Wood

December 25, 2015

Rutledge Wood joins Adam and Matt to talk about the cars on his new show Lost in Transmission. They also give their thoughts on the state of Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson. While taking listener phone calls, the three then discuss the worst ideas they’ve come across in automobile design and Rutledge shares an update on Top Gear USA.

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PODCAST 753: Good Leno

December 18, 2015

Adam and Matt discuss Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman and CarCast being finalists at the Motor Press Guild Awards. Adam also gives an update on his next trip to England and his previously mentioned Paul Newman museum.

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