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PODCAST 840: Henrique Cisneros and Jonathan Seiber, MOMO

October 7, 2016

Henrique Cisneros and Jonathan Seiber of MOMO sit down down Adam and Matt for a podcast about steering wheels, pro-touring cars, and jack stands.

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PODCAST 839: Tim Lea

September 30, 2016

Tim Lea of Tim Lea Restoration joins Adam and Matt for a podcast about Shelby Mustang restoration, FIA stripes, and the impact a father’s car can have on his children.

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PODCAST 838: Coronado Speed Festival Recap

September 23, 2016

Adam and Matt recap their trip to the 2016 Coronado Speed Festival. They also lament about terrible car shows on TV and give advice to a caller wondering if he should play it safe with an economy car or go with something sexier.

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PODCAST 836: Rotary Engines, Motorcycle Racing, and Jeeps

September 9, 2016

Adam and Matt answer some listener calls on swapping an RX-7 engine, buying a Jeep, and the risks of motorcycle racing.

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PODCAST 835: Edelbrock’s Eric Blakely

September 2, 2016

Eric Blakely, Director of Advertising at Edelbrock, joins Adam and Matt to talk about aftermarket parts, the international success of muscle cars, and the history of Edelbrock. The guys also answer listener calls about a supercharged Mini Cooper, driving rear motor, and Lynette’s involvement with Adam buying a multi-million dollar Porsche.

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PODCAST 834: The Holy Grail

August 26, 2016

Adam and Matt recap their time at Monterey Car Week. The guys also help a caller trying to sell a car by gettingĀ him on the phone with Jay Leno’s shop manager, Bernard Juchli. Adam then talks about his most recent purchase, Paul Newman’s Porsche 935, and why he decided to pull the trigger. Lastly, the guys briefly discuss their plans for Coronado.

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PODCAST 833: Monterey Car Week

August 19, 2016

Adam and Matt record a podcast from Monterey. Adam explains why he will not be racing at the Role Monterey Historics this year. Then the guys talk about some of the cars and auctions they are looking forward to seeing this weekend.

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PODCAST: Alexander Weaver and Gordon McCall

August 12, 2016

Car specialist Alexander Weaver returns to CarCast and previews the RM Sotheby’s Monterey sale. Also, Gordon McCall phones in to talk about McCall’s Motorworks Revival before chatting about his history with cars.

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