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PODCAST Best Of: Rutledge Wood

December 25, 2015

Rutledge Wood joins Adam and Matt to talk about the cars on his new show Lost in Transmission. They also give their thoughts on the state of Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson. While taking listener phone calls, the three then discuss the worst ideas they’ve come across in automobile design and Rutledge shares an update on Top Gear USA.

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PODCAST 753: Good Leno

December 18, 2015

Adam and Matt discuss Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman and CarCast being finalists at the Motor Press Guild Awards. Adam also gives an update on his next trip to England and his previously mentioned Paul Newman museum.

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PODCAST 752: Gale Banks

December 11, 2015

Gale Banks returns to the show to further discuss turbocharging, military advancements, and all the latest with Banks Power. They also talk to a listener looking to buy a new truck to turbocharge and another listener whose car is making an unusual noise at high speed.

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PODCAST 751: Brad Fanshaw

December 4, 2015

Guest host Brad Fanshaw joins Matt D’Andria for this week’s CarCast. They talk about Matt’s recent purchase of a Fox Body Mustang, the new cars featured at the 2015 L.A. Auto Show, and whether or not a listener should convert his 2001 Hyundai Accent to electric.
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PODCAST 750: Proper

November 27, 2015

Adam and Matt talk about Adam’s recent trip to Jay Leno’s Garage, their plans for the next trip to London, and whom of the Carolla Digital staff they would rather be behind at a stop light.

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PODCAST 749: Nick Filippides, American Racing Headers

November 20, 2015

American Racing Headers’ CEO Nick Filippides joins Adam and Matt this week on CarCast. He talks about their current product line and the success of American Racing Headers in their 10th year of business. Later, the guys answer a listener question about their racing technique.

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PODCAST 748: Smog Check

November 12, 2015

Adam and Matt are back from SEMA. Adam explains what kind of mistakes don’t make him mad before the guy take some phone calls on oil changes, smog checks, and one from a guy who just got struck by a drunk driver. Plus, caller Ira returns for a special 2-wheel edition of the Hypothetical Stop Light Game.

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PODCAST 747: CarCast LIVE at SEMA 2015

November 6, 2015

Adam and Matt perform a live version of CarCast from the Motovicity booth at the 2015 SEMA Show. They are joined by legendary automotive designer Peter Brock and Motovicity’s Brian Lounsberry.

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