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The Ripper : Radiator Project

March 19, 2010

Sandy and Matt get busy again. We start out with a quick post mortem on the engine and look at the block and a few of the mangled parts. Then we jump in with the air cutoff and chop a larger opening in the radiator support for the new Fluidyne radiator.

Audio for this is also in the Main CarCast ‘Hollywood Hot Rod’ Episode HERE

Photo Gallery

Radiator Video

The Grand National Roadster Show

March 13, 2010

Ganz runs solo traveling down to the 2010 Grand National Roadster show. He brings along some friends, and talks with Jimmy Shine of So-Cal Speed Shop, Bodie Stroud of BS Hot Rods, Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design, Troy Ladd of Hollywood Hot Rods, and finally the Ring Brothers. Lots of cars, some odd and the usual fun conversation you would expect, we may even have a roadster in the show. Enjoy!

Check out the Websites of people we met at the show –

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Image Gallery

Special thanks to Raffi “Mr. A” for the photographs

Video of the Grand National Roadster Show

Build Books at the 2010 Grand National Roadster Show

Steve Strope at 2010 Grand National Roadster Show

BS Industries at 2010 Grand National Roadster Show

Hollywood Hot Rods at the 2010 Grand National Roadster Show

So-Cal Speed Shop at the2010 Grand National Roadster Show

Ringbrothers at the 2010 Grand National Roadster Show

The Ripper Engine Removal

March 5, 2010

Adam and The Professor get going on yanking the motor out of the Ripper. The Ripper is Sandy’s 1965 Fastback Mustang road race car. We take a peek at the new engine and transmission and here the big plan. We also take some time off for phone calls and a restart of celebrity first cars by fittingly bringing back Christoph Waltz’s First Car to kick off the Oscar’s (He is a shoe in!)

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Quick Links

Adam’s Supercharged E46 M3
Christopher Waltz’s First Car

Check the link below for more of the project engine removal and the uncut webcam experiment of the engine remove, also many more picture and some preview of the exploded parts. Lastly, check out the home of The Ripper at

More of The Ripper Engine Removal Project

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Steve Dinan

February 19, 2010

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz talk with Steve Dinan. Dinan is the premier performance supplier of upgrades for your BMW (and Mini for that matter). We take a look at his Dinan modified M3 that puts down 527hp, without a blower! We take some calls and preach the fuel economy gospel and help a quench the thirst of an over carb’ed engine. Then the Aceman and Ganz take it on the road for a call to the brass at Ford, specifically John Felice General Manager, Ford Lincoln Mercury Marketing. And that’s it for this week on CarCast.

Check out the Dinan Website Here –

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Image Gallery

Video of the Dinan M3

Video of the Drive along with John Felice of Ford

Adam’s Miura

February 13, 2010

It’s finally here, and not a minute too soon. This episode we haul down to Bobileff Motorcar Company to pick up Adam’s restored Miura. We take you through a bit of the work done on the car as well as a chat with Gary Bobileff who performed the work on the car. In the true spirit of Carolla, this car has been worked out to be a masterpiece work of automotive art. The Miura S has been modified to be more like the SV model, wider fenders, and much of the SV treatment. Some special touches include wider front and rear rims (with matching vintage tires) to fill out the wheel wells. And just for fun we tossed in Adam firing up an ultra rare Lamborghini SV/J (Jota). Check out the picture gallery for the journey…

Check out Bobileff Motorcars Website Here –

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Image Gallery

Video Of the Miura Run

Where’s the CarCast?

February 12, 2010

So why no car cast today? Well we delayed it a day to bring you a CarCast road trip down to San Diego and to pick up Adam’s Miura that has been ‘under construction’ for almost 1 year. See you after the tow!

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