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PODCAST 852: Lake Speed Jr.

December 23, 2016

Adam and Matt open the show talking about next year’s car events and take a question about sleeper / Q cars. After the break they are joined by Lake Speed Jr. of Driven Racing Oil for an extensive discussion about fuel, oil, and additives.

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PODCAST 851: Wheels Up

December 16, 2016

Adam and Matt are back in studio talking about Winter Speed Days and purchasing wheels for the Newman Porsche. They also talk to Roger Kraus on the phone who chimes in about the different wheel options available. Afterwards, the guys answer listener email questions about replacing wheel bearings, the importance of track insurance, and where to buy vintage race cars.

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PODCAST 850: Dave Harriton, American Expedition Vehicles

December 9, 2016

Adam and Matt are joined by Dave Harriton, for a podcast about cold weather, Matt working on cars, and all the latest with AEV.

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PODCAST 849: Hide Your Tools

December 2, 2016

Adam and Matt are in studio giving an update on the sales of The 24 Hour War as well as a preview of Adam’s upcoming Willy T. Ribbs documentary. They also talk to callers about fuel and oil before discussing how to avoid getting your tools stolen.
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PODCAST 848: Christina Nielsen

November 25, 2016

Racer Christina Nielsen joins Adam and Matt to talk about Ferraris, some of her favorite tracks, and The 24 Hours of Le Mans. They also talk to callers about the Toyota 86 and engine options for a Mustang build.

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PODCAST 847: Jaguar I-Pace

November 18, 2016

Adam and Matt talk about fixing the engine on the BRE Roadster before recalling an old informercial mentioned on last week’s show. They also discuss a recent Jaguar event they attended which unveiled the upcoming electric I-Pace.

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PODCAST 846: Bone Dry

November 11, 2016

Adam talks about his last-minute decision to not race at COTA while Matt shares some highlights from the SEMA show. The guys also give their thoughts on the new robotic cars from Uber as well as help a caller trying to rid his trunk of a bad smell.

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PODCAST 845: SEMA 2016 Special Episode

November 3, 2016

Matt is back on the SEMA floor for a special extended CarCast. He interviews many representatives from some of the most cutting edge companies in the automotive industry including: Henry Ford III, Richard Waitas of Magnaflow and Dan Sandberg of Brembo.

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