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January 21, 2011

We have at Carolla One Studios Jerry Magnuson’s award winning a 1932 Muroc roadster, the Magnatude. This car has a Marcel body, with finishing touches by Chip Foose. It features a Magnacharged Chevrolet LS1, 6 Speed gearbox and a polished Kugel independent rear end. Jerry Magnuson did a bunch of the work as well, including the hidden headlights as well as many other details on the build.

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Jerry Magnuson – Magnuson Superchargers



Jerry Magnuson’s ‘Magnitude’ Images

Ford SVT Raptor

January 14, 2011

Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire brings in his Ford SVT Raptor. Adam, Sandy and Matt give it the once over. Matt seems to be sold on the SVT Raptor as one of the best trucks he has driven and can’t say enough good about it. And yes the 6.2 is an overhead cam engine!

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Matt Farah – The Smoking Tire

Ford SVT Raptor Video


Ford SVT Raptor Images

Mercedes AMG SLS

January 7, 2011

Adam and Sandy take a look at the stunning Mercedes AMG SLS. The Gullwing. Through some special arraignments by Motorator Matt, Mercedes let us have the car for an episode. Take a look as Carolla and The Professor look at one of the most anticipated vehicles Mercedes has produced in recent years. While we have no one for the ‘Special Guest’ this week, the SLS clearly needs no introduction.

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Carolla and Ganz on the Phone

Mercedes AMG SLS Test Drive Thru


Mercedes AMG SLS Images


December 17, 2010

Josh Allan from AC Propulsion brings in the Mini-E. We take a quick peek at the car and then Sandy takes it for a spin. We have had the Mini-E on the show a while back with Dan Edmunds of and we take another quick look at it as we chat with Josh and the electric industry.

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Main episode with Josh Allan of AC Propulsion

Mini-E Images

Mini-E Video and Test Drive


Video Camera work by Jeff and the ContourHD windshield mounted camera.

Lexus LFA

November 5, 2010

Paul Rohovsky of Lexus shows off his company’s flagship car, the LFA. We check out the car and not only do we get to hear it’s musical V10 engine, Adam ventures with Paul for a ride around the block.

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Lexus LFA Images

Lexus LFA Video

Lexus LFA at the Shop

Adam’s Quick Test Drive

1951 Chevy 3100 Pickup Truck

October 22, 2010

Harold Osmer brings in his work truck, a 1951 Chevrolet 3100 that has been decorated with many automotive and racing stickers as a way to avoid doing some extra body work and save some bucks. Ends up being the perfect vintage truck to help promote his vintage racing books.

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Harold Osmer’s 1951 Chevy Truck Video


October 8, 2010

Team Eyesore Racing brings down the “FrankenMiata”, their 24Hrs of LeMONS winning racer. This is a supercar of a different nature, faster then an a a 2009 Porsche Carrera S Cabriolet and the car cost less then the Porsche oil change service. We have a rare interview with Team Eyesore to find out more about the current incarnation of the car, which is currently themed as Star Trek Enterprise… warp drives and all.

Special thanks to Dave, Sara, Sarah, and Kyle for bringing down the car and coming in character, that’s dedication!

24Hrs of LeMONS, “It’s not for talented idiots, it’s for ALL idiots” : 24Hrs of LeMONS

Build history on the FrankenMiata : MotoIQ

Want to see the Inside Line road test of the FrankenMiata (As the Pink Cadillac) : Edmund’s Inside Line

Team Eyesore’s Facebook Page : Eyesore Racing

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Quick Link to the Pebble Beach Part 1 Podcast with the FrankenMiata

Image Gallery

FrankenMiata Video

FrankenMiata Video