Datsun Roadster

Adam’s Datsun Roadster

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  1. Rollie says:

    My Dad bought a Fairlady 1500 (rare) back in the late 70′s for My Mom (because she always wanted a small 2 seater roadster. I remember he had to order parts from CA to rebuild the motor. Beyond the motor rebuild the project didn’t get too far, it ran and drove but was never licensed. I would sometimes sneek the Fairlady out when the parents weren’t home when I was 14-15, no taillights, plates. Car was a freaking blast to drive, drove like a go cart on steroids! The non syncro tranny was interesting as was how tight the leg room was. I’d talk my little brother into going with me and would scare the shit out of him when I would burn rubber all the way through 1st gear. The car never was finished and sat outside without a top for awhile rotting out the floor boards. My Dad placed an ad it Hemmings to sell it. The guy who bought it drove over 800 miles and was tickled with his purchase even though the car
    body was rotted. btw always thought the side draft Webers were cool!

  2. Rollie says:


    How did you get interested in the Datsun Roadsters? Were they fairly popular in CA? I know that was their point of import origin.

  3. Colin says:

    A.) Thank god there is someone out there that loves Datsuns and has a 1gig Blow torch to spread ther word. My first car was a 73 240Z that was a RUST FRIGGIN BUCKET…but it had a hot rodded engine with 3 40DCOE Side Draft Dual Throat Weber’s and it could run with every stang in town. God I loved that car and having to retune the carbs ever 500 miles…

    That brings me to a question from some experts out there…can a 1600 roadster be outfitted with a 2000 motor without a bunch of mods? Can you just drop it in?

    Stay Classy.

    • Craig says:

      U20 will bolt right up to the 4spd R16 trans. if you want to upgrade to a 5spd trans, will need the flex plate, trans mount, trans and driveshaft to do it. U20 used a different radiator and fan shroud too

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