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2011 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival

September 30, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria discuss vintage racing in Coronado. Although Adam was looking forward to racing his third year at this event, he had knee surgery the day before he was scheduled to qualify. Legendary racer John Morton stepped in to help warm up the car on Saturday, but Adam was determined to get behind the wheel at least once during the event. Find out what happens to Adam and his BRE Datsun 610 in this week’s CarCast.

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Racing in Review

July 1, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz and Motorator Matt jump in with this special episode on the month in racing… Well the racing that they did anyway. Sandy and Matt follow up with a discussion on the Spectre 341 Challenge. Then onto Adam’s track day at Laguna Seca. Adam jumped in with the Datsun 610 at the LSR Invitational and takes us through that adventure.

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Check out the Spectre Performance Products at www.SpectrePerformance.com

And if you are interested in the Spectre 341 Challenge you need to check this out www.Spectre341Challenge.com

Motorator Matt has also posted the results on the Motorator – Spectre 341 Results


Spectre 341 Challenge


Laguna Seca


Image Gallery

There are a ton of pictures in this gallery, Page 1-5 are Spectre 341 and Page 6 has Adam and the Datsun 610 at Laguna Seca at the LSR Invitational. Note that the slide show will play all the slide not just the active page.

Coronado Vintage Races

November 12, 2010

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz cover the Coronado Vintage Race with Adam driving his Datsun 610 and delivering the commentary for the in-car cameras. Some pre-race discussion and then right into the run. After the race, we jump on the phone with some user questions. We wrap up with this weeks tech tip, “Tire patches and You”.

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Episode Videos

Coronado Race Video

Tech Segment – ‘Tire Plugs and Patches’