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Dustin Burr of Wilwood Engineering and Brakes

July 28, 2012

Wilwood Engineering’s Dustin Burr joins Adam and Matt to talk brakes. Dustin is a sales development consultant at Wilwood. We answer some listener questions related to braking and also take more than a few detours.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

Wilwood Brakes’ Dustin Burr


Roush Custom Ford Raptor



Joey Cavaglieri

June 10, 2011

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Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz take a rare look into Joey Cavaglieri’s restoration and fabrication shop. Joey’s shop features a small group of craftsman that restore some of the most expensive sports cars around. In his shop on this day are 2 550A Porsche Spiders, and an ultra rare Scarab race car that was in a wreck at the 2010 Laguna Seca Hisorics. Joey’s tells us about some of the amazing hand fabrication and restoration on these projects. Then Sandy jumps in the Motorator Matt to do some quick brake bleed on ‘The Ripper’ and some of the various tools that can be used.


Joey’s Shop


John Morton in the Scarab – Wreck Clip


Brake Bleeding


Racing At Willow Springs


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Quick Brake Bleeding

May 26, 2011

Sandy and Matt do a quick overview of bleeding your brakes and a few of the available products that help with that process. They are getting ‘The Ripper’ ready for a weekend of racing at the Spectre 341 Challenge.

Brake Bleeding


Dino Crescentini of StopTech Brakes

January 22, 2010

Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz talk with Dino Crescentini of StopTech brakes. We take a look and help fire up Dino’s Porsche GT Super Car, then help Dino fire up the musical v10 Porsche. The lines open up for a quick call, then a few more of the TMPCC Movie Cars with a law enforcement theme. That’s this week on CarCast.

Check out Dino’s products at StopTech

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Dino’s Video

Gary Goltz’s Highway Patrol Buick