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Alex Roy

March 18, 2011

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Adam Carolla loses his voice and missed this episode but the Professor Sandy Ganz and Motorator Matt jump on to talk with Alex Roy. Who is Alex Roy? Well he is an ‘unofficial’ winning competitor in the real yet ‘unofficial’ Gumball rally and other ‘unofficial’ races. He has competed in many of the ‘non-sanctioned’ racing events crossing the USA and Europe. Alex fills us in on his driving antics and his BMW M5 Police Car. We then pop outside to take a peek at his 1973 Citroen SM.

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Alex Roy’s Team Pollizei Website is here – www.TeamPolizei.com

Motorator Matt’s Site is here – www.Motorator.com

Alex’s Book on Amazon


Team Polizei’s 2005 Gumball 3000 Rally Ambulance Chase!


1973 Citroen SM


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Citroen SM

March 18, 2011

Alex Roy brings in not his European Police Car (His BMW M5) but rather a more interesting car in his collection. The 1973 V6 Maserati powered Citroen SM or for those with fancy keyboards Citro├źn. The Citroen features a strange but interesting suspension that is hydraulic based and has more hoses and pipes then the garden department at the Home Depot.

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Alex Roy

Video – 1973 Citroen SM


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