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Ford SVT Raptor

January 14, 2011

Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire brings in his Ford SVT Raptor. Adam, Sandy and Matt give it the once over. Matt seems to be sold on the SVT Raptor as one of the best trucks he has driven and can’t say enough good about it. And yes the 6.2 is an overhead cam engine!

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Matt Farah – The Smoking Tire

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BBS Wheels, SEMA Part II

December 10, 2010

Adam Carolla takes a visit to BBS Wheels in Atlanta and gets a quick tour while they build him some wheels. The next segment brings part II of the SEMA show where Sandy Ganz and Motorator Matt finish off coverage of the Las Vegas show. They talk to folks including – GM Performance, Ford Racing, Stoptech Brakes, and Comp Performance Group. We wrap up with this weeks CarCast tech tool tip, “Drilling, Boring and You”. Enjoy the show!

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GM Performance Parts
Ford Racing
Stoptech Brakes
Comp Performance Group

Tools Mentioned
Blair Equipment
General Tools

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The images for SEMA are for Parts I and II

**Pictures of tech tool segment are on pages 5 and 6 of the image gallery

Episode Videos

Adam Carolla at BBS Wheels




Tech Tool Tip – “Drilling, Boring and You”


X Games Video

August 6, 2010

Some Video and Pics from the 2010 ESPN X Games Super Rally press day

Some Videos from the X Games Super Rally with the Ford Fiesta and Tanner Foust. Some shots were with a ContourHD camera that is usually mounted to a car or helmet but I just walked around and shot video with it like a camcorder. Sadly the helmet video didn’t come out since so much was going on I forgot to turn the helmet camera on. Oh well, Tanner said next time we are going to hit the jump (Adam can catch that ride).

Good times!

A few photos

Sandy Ganz and Tanner Foust going for a Ride

Sitting in the Rockstar Fiesta

Video of some practice laps

1931 Ford Coupe

July 30, 2010

This weeks featured car is Rudi Hillebrand’s award winning 1931 Ford Coupe. Rudi took a basket case car and built it into a excellent example of how to build a period correct Hot Rod. Rudi and a small hand full of people put this car together with much of the work done at his family tool and die shop (http://hillebrandtoolanddie.com/)

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1940 Ford Deluxe Woody Wagon

July 9, 2010

This week we take a look at another of Donny’s (The Weez) fathers cool cars. This is his 1940 Ford Woody wagon. This is one of the finest examples of a Ford Woody you will find. Enjoy the video of Adam and Stan talking about the refrigerator raids Adam pulled on Stan as he grew up. Cool car and always fun chatter.

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Steve Dinan

February 19, 2010

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz talk with Steve Dinan. Dinan is the premier performance supplier of upgrades for your BMW (and Mini for that matter). We take a look at his Dinan modified M3 that puts down 527hp, without a blower! We take some calls and preach the fuel economy gospel and help a quench the thirst of an over carb’ed engine. Then the Aceman and Ganz take it on the road for a call to the brass at Ford, specifically John Felice General Manager, Ford Lincoln Mercury Marketing. And that’s it for this week on CarCast.

Check out the Dinan Website Here – www.dinancars.com

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Image Gallery

Video of the Dinan M3

Video of the Drive along with John Felice of Ford

Henry Ford III

October 24, 2009

Adam Carolla and Henry Ford III talk about, well, Ford Motor Company and some of the history and future. Adam and Dale Earnhardt Jr talk it up at the Hollywood Roosevelt Pepsi 500 Party. We finally catch back up with the Professor and Adam as they take Skype calls. On to this weeks Featured Car Adam’s 1989 BMW M3. We wrap with the Eye of the Tiger Frank Stallone’s First car. Enjoy the ride!

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