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Zach Levi

July 16, 2010

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz sit down with Zach Levi car enthusiast and star of ‘Chuck’ on NBC. Adam and Zach chat about the mess at the Long Beach Celebrity Race and they are in agreement that they should have both won the race. The folks at Lexus decide that Zach was not worthy to have an LFA in his garage, and more LFA smack talk ensues. Don’t miss this week’s awesome guest Zach Levi and the one year anniversary of CarCast.

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Image Gallery

Episode Video

Zach Levi’s Nissan GTR

Zach Blowing a shift, and keeping cool!

Zach getting tangled up with Adam (Zach’s In Car Camera)

Adam, Brian and Zach Split Screen

Pass on Yellow…Never!

Steve Millen

November 14, 2009

Adam and Steve Millen talk about some past present and future of some of the cars Steve has driven. They check out a few of of the Stillen modified cars including a 370Z, Nissan GTR and a Maxima. The off to the Petersen Automotive Museum for a tribute to Trans-Am racing with a couple of special interviews with Pete Brock, John Morton, and Dan Gurney. And a wrap up with Celebrity Car with Paul Schafer.

Link to Steve Millen’s site for Stillen performance products

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Quick Links

Quick Link to Nissan GTR, 370Z and Maxima
Quick Link to Paul Schafer’s First Car
Quick Link to SEMA 2009

Trans-Am Tribute at the Petersen Automotive Museum

Dan Gurney

Pete Brock and John Morton

Image Gallery

Thanks to Seiji Kishi for without his generous contribution of images and support we would not have been able to bring you some of the Trans-Am images.

And Special thanks to the Petersen Automotive Museum