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Ford Model T Racer

April 1, 2011

Matt Pumphrey of Owner of “Woodies and Wheels” Matt is a featured restorer of pre-war Automobiles. Matt brings in
his own 1912 Ford Model T which has been built as a pre-war racer. This is a beautiful example of the work Matt does.

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Matt Pumphrey


Check out Matt’s shop, “Woodies and Wheels”, where you can see his other projects and restorations as they are happening – www.WoodiesAndWheels.com


Matt Pumphrey’s 1912 Ford Model T Racer

Check out the videos from “Woodies and Wheels”. The first one is their trip from San Jose to the show in Glendale. The next one is the “Smokin’ Orange!” a fun run of the Model T in the country, and the first of the Hall Scott restoration. Don’t forget to check out their video channel on YouTube – WoodiesAndWheels

Roadtrippin, to Carcast

Smokin’ Orange!


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