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Zach Levi

July 16, 2010

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz sit down with Zach Levi car enthusiast and star of ‘Chuck’ on NBC. Adam and Zach chat about the mess at the Long Beach Celebrity Race and they are in agreement that they should have both won the race. The folks at Lexus decide that Zach was not worthy to have an LFA in his garage, and more LFA smack talk ensues. Don’t miss this week’s awesome guest Zach Levi and the one year anniversary of CarCast.

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Image Gallery

Episode Video

Zach Levi’s Nissan GTR

Zach Blowing a shift, and keeping cool!

Zach getting tangled up with Adam (Zach’s In Car Camera)

Adam, Brian and Zach Split Screen

Pass on Yellow…Never!